The word flits hazily through the shadows of my mind,

I flinch, brushing it off into the deepest,

darkest recesses of my mind.

The panic, knotting in my chest, loosens.

The tension in my head relaxes.

My fingers clatter over the keyboard,

As I type away to friends I do not know.

They soothe my mind, comfort me more

than anyone from my real-life reality.

But they are just figments in this virtual reality,

To which I flee as I make my escape.

And when the screen is switched off,

and they vanish into a black abyss,

what then?

Memories of thoughts flood me,

'Work… deadlines… stress,

Dear God help me please'

And as anxiety overwhelms me,

my procrastination comes back to haunt me

and I begin to cry.

I want my friends.