I watch them from the dark,

His honey-slicked voice woos her.

I hear her lusty, feminine chuckles.

Silent laughter slips sneakily from my lips.

The candles flicker, in the romantic gloom.

He dips his finger in the wine glass,

Lifts it to her lips.

Her silky tongue flicks out,

And licks it off him.

He smiles, a manipulative,

Provocative man smile.

And as I see her,

Pulled tight into his web,

I snigger cruelly, and watch the touch of romance congeal,

An ugly, staleness takes over,

As he leads her into the bedroom,

I do not need to follow,

I know the going's on.

And I know what the morning after will bring,

And wicked, malicious glee lights up my face.

A man has no heart,

and no love for the women;

no love for those who sate his sexual thirst,

He lusts after them, needs them to quench his hunger,

But otherwise he despises them, the simple vulnerability.

He shall leave her;



lost in a haze of agony and confusion.

Yes , I know what the morning after will bring.

And that knowledge feeds me,

I shake with spiteful laughter,

They do not hear the door shut,

over the panting of their lust.