Living in the shadows

Quietly advancing

On the unsuspecting victim

The victim of the thief

Living a life

Full of crimes

Doing it for
A bag full of dimes

The streets at night

The thief's best friend

As darkness aproaches

Slowly becoming a trend

His dagger

Held in his hand

The prices are steeper
For the items of high demand

Times are bad
For everyone on the land
So the once honest man
Is forced to commit crime

He has a family
That he must provide for
His family waits
As he enters the door

He shows them the sack
Of coins he has taken
His wife sighs in relief
And they eat the food thats been baken

So theyre fine for today
But what about tomorrow
Will the family be happy?
Or live theyre life in sorrow?

Only time will tell
What will happen
As they sit there and wonder
Will life be hell?

So is it wrong?
For the man to provide?
Putting the thought
Of crime aside?