Has no one ever known your heart?

Or have you blinded them from that part?

Life's little symphony,

Never in perfect harmony,

Has tortured your mind and soul

Leaving you empty inside and dull.


You're a silly work of art

Without a creator or a part.

Never being close

Always far away.

Someone will find you soon,

Someone will, someday.


Your in a whisper, your in a tree,

Wherever you will be,

Someone will come looking.

No one will be a hero,

You've been outnumbered.

You come to a stop, that's it,

Your at an end.


I am your heart, I am your mind,

Giving you a place to hide.

Don't cry,

Or I will pass you by.

For all the deeds you've done,

You actually think you've won.

This little game of life is sad,

Because all you are is mad.


No sanity will come to you,

Do not dare to hope.

For you and I shall always be blue

And fall into eternity.


Forgetting you is worse than death,

But hating you damns me to life.

How can I greet you?

How can I meet you?


After all the things I've put you through,

Who are you?

I know who you are now,

You're me in a disguise.

You carry all of my burdens,

On your back, across the skies.


You are that simple part of me,

That missing piece of me.

The one I've tried to hide,

The one I believed had died.

You are the one who pays,

For my mistakes, until your grave.

My silent little partner,

The one who's always harder,

And stronger than the rest.


You are the one behind the mask,

The one no one sees,

The one no one knows.

You are the true me,

And that part of me,

I've always tried to hide.