Oblivious to her surroundings, the woman forced her face against the pounding muscles of the horse; the muscles reverberating against her face, exploding with her drumming heart. She'd gone through most of her feather tipped arrows, with only a handful remaining. Tears exploded down her cheeks as she tilted her head to ensure what she had seen.

Those riders –those coal eyed, earthen creatures –were still pursuing her. Most of them were without their steeds, but they still trailed her endlessly. Those twisted rags of oil sagged as they took after her, or maybe they glided? It seemed impossible, but they ran beside the others that were on their beasts.

Anger seethed from her open lips as she turned from their hideous faces. Blinding by her lashing hair and the horse's, she forced her eyes to peer before them to see the throng of torches that were in the distance. A dazzling flash of light raced infront of her eyes and no more did her conciousness stay intact. Her form fell from the horse's back side and was engulfed into darkness. A surrounding tumult of pain slowly subsided as she gave away to an unconcious state.