The tides of time are receeding

My life is left to naught.

I try to stop the bleeding

But the spirits are here to haunt.

Whispers of ecstasy

Screams of eternal torture

They will not let me see

What is left to live for?

A guiding light fades

The darkness comes creeping

The room around me caves

And my heart starts weeping

My life flows away

Drifting into lonesome forever

My skin begins to grey

This life I hereby sever.

Dragging the blade down

My flesh starts to tear.

The pain brings me a frown

And my end comes near.

I lay on the floor waiting,

Wishing it would be over.

The ground my blood is staining,

It is all the fault of my lover.

Is it right to leave me dying,

For reasons such as that?

Because I promised him something,

Damn him, Damn Matt!

I didn't want to do it,

But that's all he wanted our "love" to be.

He made me feel like shit,

Believing that would convince me.

I refused him his fun.

We were only together for a week.

But he had no use for someone,

Who wouldn't even drink.

I figured he just wanted it all to end

He broke my heart the next day.

He had his best friend

Tell me what he couldn't say.

So here I am on the floor

Wondering why I didn't just fuck.

No one comes through the door

And I expect no hero because life sucks.

I try not to cry again

Instead embracing death

Hoping I would remain sane

And wouldn't miss life's breath.

The world around me fades

I feel my soul fall to hell.

Suicide wasn't so scary

It was the fact I put my soul up for sale.

I am now eternally damned

Because I refused to please another.

To the devil, I am now banned,

Cause I wouldn't fuck that fucker.