Prologue: Breaking Up is Hard to Do

It was ridiculous really. I couldn't keep a girlfriend. I'm not gonna lie, I was the most popular guy in high school. I was the kind of guy who every guy wanted to be and every girl wanted to date. I was the life of the party, and honestly, it wasn't a party unless I was there. So the idea that I couldn't keep a girlfriend because of my reputation was fucked up on its own.

The girl obviously didn't know whom she was messing with. I was Jake Parker, I fucking owned Chicago, figuratively speaking of course. I was the type of guy that knew what he wanted and knew how to get it, and I always got what I wanted.

The fact that that bitch even had the nerve to dump me was enough to set off my temper. I never got dumped. I pretty much blamed my sister for my predicament.

Someone once told my sister she should write a book about her life. She liked the idea so much that, of course, she did. Great idea an all, and props to my sister for completing it, but seriously, now everyone knows everything about our family. Every sad, dirty detail, and worst of all, most of the time I come off as this major player. Which to some that may be a good thing, but for me, it's just degrading. Girls don't want a guy they can't trust and I'm not sure I want to be that guy anymore.

I figured it was about time to change, I mean, I was almost twenty-one after all. It was time to start being an adult. And if that meant settling down, then so be it, I was ready, it was time. So here's my story. I'm Jake Parker, and in the words of my sister, "take it or leave it." My life. My way.