Chapter3: Alcohol and Bandages

Saturday morning wasn't as easy as usual. For the first time in a long time I, Jacob Parker had a hang over and let me tell you, it hurt like a bitch. I don't know what I was thinking the night before at EJ's, but after I found out the shit that Ryan was setting up, I just lost it and the fact that he had used my sister's picture for the flyer beyond pissed me off.

I stumbled up the basement stairs, still feeling some of the effects of the alcohol, and made my way to the kitchen where I found Tyler sitting at the kitchen table eating a bowl of Captain Crunch cereal. His black hair was buzzed close to his head for low maintenance and his bright blue eyes were downcast, staring almost longingly at his cereal.

He didn't even look up when I plopped haphazardly onto a chair, groaning and grabbing my head in distress. "Here," Chris said forcing a bottle of Advil in my hands. I hadn't even noticed him in the room.

"Thanks," I muttered, twisting off the cap.

"Yeah," he sighed walking over to the stove.

I poured out the bottles contents into my hand and grabbed two pills before tossing the rest back. I tossed back the pills dry before resting my head on my folded arms on the table. "Is Kevin back?" I mumbled.

"Yeah, he just got off a twenty-seven hour shift. He's sleeping," Tyler answered, shaking out of his daydreaming.

"Those are insane hours," I muttered. "When's he finished his residency anyways?" I asked.

"Eight months," Chris answered. His normally spiky black hair was flattened from sleep.

"Dude, you smell," Melissa mumbled, walking in the kitchen looking just as bad as I felt. Her hair and make up were all out of place and she was kind of stumbling as she walked.

I smirked, "You do too sis, and you reek of sex."

She rolled her eyes and collapsed next to me at the table. "At least I got some," she mumbled, resting her head on her arms on the table.

I groaned doing the same. As I leaned forward though, something fell out of the pocket of my jeans. I ignored it, but Chris picked it up for me. "What's this?" he asked, opening the crumbled piece of paper.

I shrugged and looked up at him. "Flyers; for tonight. That's just great," Chris said sarcastically, throwing the paper down on table between Liss and me. It was the flyer EJ gave me the night before with the picture of Lissa on it.

I looked up at Liss to find her with her eyes still closed. "Dude, have you seen these?" I asked her. "Ryan's having them made up with your picture on them."

She nodded, her eyes still closed, "Yeah, I know. He asked me about them when I told him about your break up. And there are only a few with my picture on them. Most of them have your picture on them."


"Ryan and Zetti found a picture of you half naked, so they're using that to attract the girls to the house for you," she said, lifting her head from her arms to look at me.

I stared at her confused, "And you're okay with this? I mean, come ON Liss, you always get mad when Ryan does shit like this. You hate having all those girls in the house."

She shrugged, "I guess before I was jealous because they'd be all over Jason, and back then I couldn't do anything about it," she smiled as Jason walked in the kitchen in nothing but his boxers. "Now I can play the jealous girlfriend part and kick all their asses for touching my man."

Jason grinned and sat next to her, kissing her temple. I rolled my eyes and looked back down at the flyer. "So what picture did they use?" I asked.

Jason and Liss laughed and shook their head as Tyler started snoring at the other end of the table.

I rolled my eyes and stood up. "So you knew about these pictures then?" I asked Liss one last time.

"Yes Jake. No need to worry," she answered.

I nodded, "Alright then, cause I'll kick Ryan's ass if I have to."

She smiled and shook her head, "No need to, but thanks."

I smiled and nodded before leaving the kitchen in search of a must needed shower.

After my shower, I went back to my to change my clothes. As I was going through my closet I found a red cashmere sweater hanging in with my t-shirts. Nessa. She left it here when we had first started seeing each other as incentive that she'd see me again. Once we started dating, she never took it back. Now that we had broken up, I wasn't sure if I should give it back to her with the rest of her stuff, or burn it… or keep it and give it to Melissa for Christmas.

I smiled to myself, holding the towel around my waist, as I thought of what Liss might say if she knew who the original owner of the sweater was. I chuckled softly to myself as I dropped the towel and pulled out a pair of blue jeans. "Jesus Christ," Tyler cursed behind me.

I looked over my shoulder in time to see him walk out of the room and close my door behind him. That's what he gets for not knocking. He should have known by now. I shook my head and pulled my jeans on, going commando, and carefully pulled up the zipper. I grabbed a random black t-shirt from my closet and picked up my towel off the floor.

"What'd you want?" I asked Ty as I walked out of my room and down the hall toward the bathroom.

"To know what you wanted for dinner tonight," Tyler's voice followed me down the hallway.

I shrugged before I realized he couldn't see me. "I don't care, whatever," I answered.

He didn't say anything and I heard his feet ascending up the stairs to the main floor. I walked back to my room, thinking about watching TV or moping again. As I was closing my door, footsteps started descending the basement stairs.

"Yo man, whatcha doing?" Zetti called out.

I paused with the door half open, and looked over my shoulder at him as he made his way toward me. As usual, his hair was immaculate and his face cleanly shaven. Even his wife beater and jeans looked ironed. Fucker. "Nothin."

I rolled my eyes and turned back to my room, leaving the door open for him to follow. I sat on my bed and sighed. "Sure."

"Well don't sound so fucking enthusiastic. Oh, Christianson and Thompson are coming over early for the pre-game."

I sighed and ran my fingers through my hair. Jared Christian: Nessa's older brother, one of my best friends. The brother of my ex-girlfriend was coming over to my house to celebrate our break up and help promote my return to whoredom. There was something seriously wrong about that. Seriously. Wrong.

But I also knew if I mentioned anything about it to Mike, he'd just say some random comment about how it shouldn't matter, and he'd say it so nonchalantly that I'd probably want to kill him for saying it. No. I couldn't mention it to Mike. Which was all the more reason why I needed to talk to Melissa. Which also reminded me that, ever since her and Mitchels started dating, we never had time to talk about important things anymore.

I groaned, and threw myself backwards on my bed, throwing an arm over my eyes. "I think I'm gonna be sick."

"Oh don't be so fucking dramatic." Mike laid back next to me, gracefully. "You'll feel better once you start drinking."

"What time is it?"

"Two o'clock."

"Alright dude, I'm gonna pass out. I'll see you later."

"Alright, I'll see you later man," he said, getting up from the bed.

When I woke later, it was to feel of wet hair sliding on my arm and a head resting itself on my shoulder. Melissa. She sighed and draped her arm over my stomach. I smiled faintly and turned and kissed her forehead as I ran my fingers through her long curly wet hair. "Are you okay, Jacob?" she asked softly. Jacob. It was always Jacob when she was worried, Jacob Michael when she was pissed, and just Jake any other time.

With my left had wrapped around her curls, I brought my right hand up to hers on my stomach and laced my fingers with hers. "No," I murmured. "No. I'm not." I could finally say it. Finally admit that I was falling apart inside.

She unlaced our fingers and wrapped her arm around me, hugging me tight. I turned and moved my arm around her, pulling her close. "Why go out last night? Why have the party tonight?"

"I had to. I have to. Zetti's counting on me."

"Fuck Zetti! Jacob Michael, if you're not ready to move on, don't let that fucker tell you what to do!"

I had to smile at the Jacob Michael, but she was right, I didn't have to listen to Mike. But he was right too. It was time for me to move on. "Its not that. You know me, I've never been one to just sit around and mope. Even when dad walked out I couldn't sit around and mope. Its just not in my blood."

"Yeah," she smiled. "I remember you tried to make cookies."

I laughed. "Yeah, they were pretty good too."

"Those were the worst fucking cookies I've ever tasted," she laughed.

I smiled, staring at the wall over her shoulder.

"Did you love her?"

I sighed and pulled her closer to me. "I think I could have, eventually."

"I still can't believe she broke up with you. I mean, seriously, you're Jake Parker."

I smiled. "I know."

We were both quiet for a few minutes, just listening to each others breathing when I couldn't take it anymore. "You know what the stupidest part was?" I asked, and answered before she could respond, "Her fucking excuse. Her reason was she didn't like women always looking at me when we went out. She broke up with me because she was so fucking insecure about other women looking at me. Seriously. I didn't even LOOK at another girl while I was with her. I've never EVER cheated on a girlfriend and I would NEVER cheat on a girlfriend. I HATE cheaters."

"Wasn't she the one who was excited that you were hers? And that she got to show you off and know that they couldn't have you? Weren't those her exact words?"

"Yeah, but I guess she's a liar."

Melissa sighed, rubbing my back. "Maybe. Or maybe she really is insecure. Have you tried talking to her? Don't you think it's a little soon to move on? Shouldn't you be trying to get her back?"

"I don't know," I mumbled.

"You said it yourself, you could love her someday. Why waste that?"

"Because I don't love her now. Because she's not strong enough to stand up and fight for me."

"So that's what's this is about. Strength of character. You need someone who you consider an equal."

I sighed and shrugged. "Is that such a bad thing?"

"I guess not," she murmured. "So then, you're really over her, that quickly?"

"I think so. Or I think I could be in a few days."

She nodded and yawned. "I'm so fucking tired. Jason kept me up all night."

"Okay gross," I groaned, pushing her away from me.

She started laughing hysterically.

"I really didn't need to know that," I smiled, sitting up.

"I know. But you're smiling at least."

I rolled my eyes and shook my head, but I did it with a smile. Leave it to Melissa to get me to smile.

"Now get up. Its dinner time."

"What time is it?"

"6:00. You were out for a long time. I came and checked on you after Zetti left."

I nodded and yawned as I stood up.

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