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In the middle of the dark forest where the forest-dwellers lived, a man and a woman trudged along through the long grass. They were dressed as forest-dwellers, yet they were city folk. The woman gasped as she walked; she was near her time. The woman's unborn child was ready to enter the world. Her husband helped her along until they reached a surprisingly large settlement full of wooden homes that were built high up in the trees. The man rushed forward to a tent that sat on the forest floor and shouted,

"Please help us. My wife is near her time. She is about to have our child. Please let us in!"

A broad-shouldered young man emerged from the tent. He was ready to deny the couple entry into the settlement until he saw the man's heavily-flushed wife. She was having her child there and then. There was no time to lose. The man flinched away from the couple, as childbirth was the most impure of things, and ran to the local Shaman.

The Shaman was a tall, slender woman with bushy brown hair and intense blue eyes. She wore a green tunic over a brown pair of trousers and brown moccasins. She rushed past the woman's husband and ushered the woman inside the tent. The man could hear his wife squeal in pain from inside of the tent. The man grimaced.

He sat there for what seemed like a long time. His wife was still inside the tent. He yawned. Suddenly the flap of the tent opened and the Shaman motioned for him to come in. He crept inside and saw his wife lying on a makeshift bed cradling a baby.

"It's a girl Samuel!" his wife announced proudly.

Samuel smiled; he was overjoyed. He walked to his wife and kissed her forehead. He looked at his daughter and gasped,

"She's beautiful Mary!"

He took hold of his little girl's hand and smiled as her fingers curled around his. Samuel looked closer to her hand; there was a mark.

" What is this? What happened to her?" he demanded becoming protective of his child.

The Shaman began to speak, "The child, she did not move as she entered this world. She was stillborn. I brought her back from the Netherworld and now she lives. Blessed be to Maa."

The Shaman bowed to the proud parents before stepping forward to inspect the child. She looked to see a small birthmark in the shape of an angel. The Shaman faltered.

"The Wolf Spirit! She lives among us!"

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