12. Girlie Talks and Plans

The Shaman seemed to be happier now that Ariel had passed her first test and had gained the help of her first Elemental. It was as if she now thought there was hope for her – Ariel might just be able to defeat the Zargons. Perhaps Ariel wasn't as useless as she had thought. Well, that was the impression Ariel got. She suppressed the mighty urge to sigh as the Shaman rambled on about plans for their journey.

"So I think that you could go through the forest this way and see Mr. Burton in this town and then he'll give you supplies that will last you until you reach the Ifrit Mountains and then..." she went on and on poking her finger at a map that was sprawled out over the coffee table.

Ariel had unfortunately switched off ages ago. Okay, so she knew she should have been listening since she had absolutely no idea where the next Elementals lived, but she just couldn't. Her head was pounding like there was no tomorrow and she had the prospect of living on the road with Pan, the earth Elemental, for God knows how long. It was all too much. And on top of that Ariel really had to deal with her new being, Ulriya, the wolfcub, the trinity's third form. There was too much to think about. Too much to suss out. She looked to Pan. Pan looked like she was attentively listening to the Shaman, but Ariel could tell that she had switched off too. This was getting boring.

Pan shook her head, "Shaman, don't worry I've got it all under control. Since our resident Grim Reaper over here has absolutely no idea where the Elementals are I'll take her to them. And I'll even teach her a thing or two about us on the way." she said quickly, reassuring the worries of the Shaman.

The Shaman nodded gratefully and beamed them a smile, "I knew you would Pan. You need to take care of our Ariel. She is the hope for the future."

She stood up and busied herself around in her kitchen, rustling up some food for their journey. Pan looked at Ariel.

"So which lucky Elemental do we visit first?" Ariel asked.

Pan thought while looking at the map, "We're not following what the Shaman thinks that's for sure. You don't have enough experience with us to speak with Blayen first."


"Trust me on this one, you go to Blayen with hardly any experience with us and you'll get scorched for sure."

Ariel looked sceptic, but Pan knew what she was talking about. She was the Elemental after all, not Ariel.

"Well got to the Oiseau plains first I think and speak with Altaira and then we'll go speak with Kai and the Blayen. Sounds like a plan, no?"

Ariel nodded for the sake of nodding. She would have followed Pan any way she wanted to go.

"So when are we leaving?" Ariel asked nonchalantly.

"Tomorrow at dawn. I think that would be best." Pan thought.

Ariel nodded. She would do whatever Pan wanted. She kind of did know best when it came to planning their next move, after all she was an Elemental and they were her brothers and sisters. She was really bored with all the waiting around. She was impatient to get on the road again. She fidgeted with her hands and the buttons on her cardigan. She frowned.

"What's your problem?" Pan finally asked, eying Ariel's fidgeting hands.

"Impatient." Ariel gruffly replied.

Pan shrugged. Ariel got up and stood on the porch of the house; she needed air. She leaned against the wall watching the settlement buzz with life and activity. She was leaving another town. Did she really belong to anywhere? She spied a group of boys hanging out on one of the rope bridges. They looked at her; she looked away. They wolf-whistled; she growled under her breath. Boys, who needed them? All they needed to see was a slightly pretty girl and it set them off. They didn't care about any of the girls they lusted after. She ignored them. They yelled things to her. She blanked them out. She thought she had left all of this behind in Askon. She wasn't going to marry. She wasn't going to date. She wasn't even interested in guys. She didn't find them attractive – okay she lied. Kai had been attractive. She had dreamed of him frequently after she met him. He was the only one who she ever felt understood her. She sighed deeply.

Pan stood beside her and handed her a steaming cup of herbal tea. She gave a small half smile of thanks in return and blew on it.

"This isn't going to be easy you know?" Pan stated.

"I know." Ariel replied without even glancing at her new companion.

Pan nodded. It was good to know they both understood what danger lay ahead.

Pan motioned with her head to the boys that were still ogling them from the rope bridge, "Seems you're quite the attraction around here."

Ariel gave her a look, "No, I'm just the challenge."

Pan was puzzled. She needed an explanation. Ariel was quite reluctant to give it, but there was no choice. She would find out sooner or later.

"I won't marry ever. I'm not interested in that and because of that, the boys in Askon all wanted to date me in order to "tame the wild beast" and marry me once I had been presented to the Prêtesse." she explained quickly.

Pan looked perplexed, "And you don't want that?"

"Do you?"

"I would like to think I could have all of that normal mortal stuff, but I can't."

Now it was Ariel's turn to be perplexed.

"Elementals don't marry or reproduce. We are technically immortal... well, it's more like we have reincarnations of ourselves. We are always around."

Morgan thought for a while. "What do you think will happen to me once this is through? Will I reincarnate or die or just be normal again?"

"... I honestly don't know." Pan answered after a while.

They both stood lost in their thoughts taking their last looks at the place where Pan had lived all her life and where Ariel had just found.

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