"Dear Reader," she said, "in case you have only just begun this story, my friends and I are about to embark on a Great and Terrible Quest. We are preparing for this departure at the home of Kat's aunt. Kat is Kathryn Rose, the oldest. She's the Golden Divinity sitting in the window seat, beside the bust of Shakespeare. The youngest of us three is Angel, or Angela, who is the Russet Divinity sorting through our packs on the Persian rug. And I am the red-headed freckled monstrosity sitting at the de..."
"What are you doing?" Kat interrupted.
"I'm narrating."
Kat blinked. "You're what?"
"I'm narrating," she said patiently. "Just in case we're all merely characters in a story written by a bad poet who's supposed to be doing her Algebra."
"Oh. All right then."
She resumed speaking in the direction of the ceiling. "The object of our Great and Terrible Quest is to..."