Cadence intrudes on the silence of solitude

Like the resonating echo of a single heartbeat,

Keeping time with the falling

The falling of the stars, and growing fainter,

Yet persistently chasing time away.

There in the midst of the confusion,

Is the slow, consistent beat—

Unobtrusive but ever present—

Of one recurring thought.

The shadow of a nameless hope

Beautiful and terrifying,

Confined to the edge of consciousness.

Suddenly there is clarity

In the realization of a disillusioned mind

The striking reality of the dream—

Suddenly it's all a dream—

The lines are skewed and the colors blurred

All that is left is the waiting

Waiting to awaken and begin again

Fearing the cadence of hopeful thoughts

Fighting to remember

It's all a dream…

February 24, 2006

Author's Note: I know this is really abstract and kind of weird, but this is about being afraid of hope, or being afraid to hope for something you believe is only a dream. I don't know if it makes much sense, but sometimes poetry just doesn't make sense, even to the poet. Reviews are very much appreciated.