A/N:a poem that happened in earth science. its not supposed to make any sense. read it as one continuous sentence. id suggest aloud with a slight accent on the syllables. it sounds pretty cool that way. the first few lines are not mine. theyre from a quote by someone whose name i dont have with me at this time. dont sue me please grins please enjoy my poem.

Though I try to hide it
I burn with joy
Like a bonfire
Consuming the wood
Of pine
And oak
Sinking its roots
Deep into the warm,
Which lives and breathes
Deep gulps of air
Where the sky is blue and grey
Like and elephant
Tromping through the forest
Of trees
Echoing with the woodpecker's
Tap tap tapping
Like her high heeled shoes
On the floor
Of the kitchen
Where the linolium is
So yellow and faded
Like memory
In a glass jar
You try to hold it in
But when you want to take it out
To play with it
And feel it in your hands
Under your fingers
It flies away from you
And your hands hold emptiness
That is nothing.
Like death
Of a bird
That cries with tears
As a stone
Breaks its heart
Full of love
For someone dear and true
As the dog
That sits with its nose
Arest on his master's knee
Knee high child who
Spins and twists and turns
Around and around and around
In a circle
In the sand
To be washed away by the sea
And ever gone
Never to return to me
For, my dear, i am lonely
As a cloud in the sky
Full of stars in absence
Makes the heart grow fonder
Of days in the moonlight
Stretched accross a park bench
With soft grass
Between your toes
And a dove
Of light in your hair
That waves in the breeze
Accross the desert sands
That stretch for miles and miles
Of bare ground and treacherous stone
Statue on the park lawn
Where we lie
And watch the sky
Run alongside us
Chasing the earth
And its passion.