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Chapter 1

It wasn't really that I didn't like seeing my parents, it was just the stress that somehow always came with being around them. As I sat on the greyhound bus, my legs cramped from being in the same position for so long, I wondered just why I had agreed to coming down for Thanksgiving anyway. Mom and Dad lived in Chicago, while I was attending the U of O in Oregon. It was a big deal, coming down for the holidays, but something that I couldn't avoid. Not with Mom's persistent begging and Dad's silent guilt trip. No, I definitely had not won the war yet.

The bus jostled me to the side as we made a turn into the bus port. Finally, I thought, staring at the gray sidewalks and even grayer skies. People walked by in dark overcoats, staring up at the ominous sky with a pleading expression. I sighed. Another rainy day in Chicago.

"Darling!!" My mother called to me almost the second I was off the bus. My face burned slightly as she ran over to give me a hug, her red lipstick leaving a stain against my face as she gave it a wet kiss. "We've missed you so much! Arthur, have you seen your daughter?" Dad came up and gave me a stiff smile, pulling me into an awkward embrace.

"Thanks guys, I have to go get my stuff from under the bus." I told them, walking over to sift through people's luggage to find my own. It gave me the willies, throwing aside greasy backpacks and dirt-clogged suitcases. Finally I found it, my small overnight suitcase, wedged in between a black bag and a stained sleeping bag.

"Excuse me!" I cried as, suddenly, I was pushed to the side, my heels wobbling as I tried to right myself. I straightened up and brushed off my pin-striped jacket, my eyes narrowing as I looked up at the person who had almost toppled me. "Mind your own space, please." I snarled, smoothing my hair. The perpetrator was a man who was dressed more finely than most of the people on the bus, but still had a slightly messy appearance. He wore a dark turtleneck and a blue blazer with slightly wrinkled jeans and expensive-looking shoes. I stared him down as he reached for the black bag and yanked it from its stranglehold on my suitcase.

"Pardon me," He said finally, his voice icy as he looked down at me. I stifled a gasp as I looked up at forest-green eyes with small flecks of gold, rimmed with a silvery black. I blinked harshly. He must have been wearing contacts.

I noticed that he was handing me my suitcase, his well-manicured hand clutching the small Velcro strap with ease. I took it and raised an eyebrow.

"Thank you." I said, mimicking his icy tone. I stared at him, suddenly realizing why I had instantly though of him as grungy. His hair, spiked slightly in the front, had been dyed a strange blond color, almost to the point that it looked ivory. As if to cover up the hideous white, the spikes were tipped with a dark purple, giving the appearance of having some sort of animal hair, almost like a wolf's, or a dog's. I raised my eyebrow in silent disapproval and placed my suitcase on the ground, pulling out the handle. I chose not to look back as I wheeled it away.

"That boy is giving you a strange look," Mom said when I reached her, her tiny eyebrows rising in question. I frowned, and glanced behind my shoulder.

It was true. The wolf-haired man was staring at me with a glazed expression that could not be read. It almost seemed as if he wanted to say something, but the words hadn't transferred from his brain to his mouth yet. I'd seen the look on hundreds of men, and somehow, the satisfaction of being the cause never ceased. Mentally praising myself, I smiled slightly and looked at Mom, giving her a little shake of my head.

"Oh, mother, you know how men are." I told her, pulling back my shoulders and flipping my hair to one side. "Let's go, before he begins drooling." Mom gave a snort, and turned towards the car.

"Come Arthur, help Plum to the car." She commanded, clicking away on her tiny black stilettos. Dad smiled at me again and patted me on the back, grabbing the handle of the suitcase.

"Glad to have you home, honey." He said, smiling with slightly crooked teeth. I stared up at him, my father, and smiled at his familiar presence, his gray hair parted to the side, his small gold frames supporting thick lenses, his warm brown eyes that hid behind them.

"Me too, Dad."

"Arthur!" My mother shouted from the Jaguar. "Plum! Dinner is waiting! We can't be late for our reservations!" I raised my eyebrow and looked at dad.

"Dinner?" I asked. He smiled, his face crinkling in the way that it always did when Mom was being difficult.

"We made reservations for the Sakay tonight. Your mother is afraid if we're not a half hour early then they will wipe us from the registry." I grinned and began walking to the car.

"Sounds like Mom."

As I slipped into the leather interior of Dad's Jaguar, I glanced out at the bus stop, merely looking to see if wolf-man had broken from his mental freeze.

I was slightly disappointed to see that he had disappeared from sight, then shook my head as I realized what a foolish thought it was. As Dad began to drive away from the bus station, I heard my mother begin on her endless ramble.

"Plum, darling, I don't know why you insisted on taking the bus out here. It's so tacky, and honestly who knows what kind of diseases you could pick up from being so close to those people all day. When you come down for Christmas I insist that you take a plane. Your father will pay for it, if it is necessary, isn't that right, Arthur. . ." I sighed deeply and looked out the window, both happy and depressed to see the familiar streets of Chicago again. As Dad pulled out into the street, I gave a start, jerking back from the window and giving a soft gasp.

"Plum?" My mother inquired, looking to the back seat with a concerned face. "Plum, are you all right?" I blinked harshly and then nodded, smiling at her concerned face.

"Yes, yes." I shook my head slightly, smiling widely. I wouldn't have told her, but right as we had pulled out I had sworn that I had seen the wolf-man again, standing on the sidewalk. His eyes were directed towards our car with a hungry expression in his eyes, his neck careening back to read the license plate number. Of course, I'm sure that I imagined it, for when I had blinked again, he had been gone. "It's been a long day, Mom."

"Well I would think so!" Mom cried. "You've been on that dirty bus all day! You've probably been infected with Avian Flu by now. Arthur, when we get home from dinner remind me to call the Physician to see if we can get her an appointment. No daughter of mine will contract a deadly virus. . ."

I sighed. This was going to be a long Thanksgiving weekend.

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