They come in so many different colors and shades,

Each petal represents an existence that slowly fades.

Red, orange, purple, white, yellow and blue,

Each color represents the true beauty in you.

They're so full of life, until the day of death shall come,

Each shrivel represents the life that they succumb.

They're sweet and angelic, but they know how to make you sad,

Each thorn represents anger and resentment when they're mad.

They support themselves with all that they've got,

Each stem represents the war that they've fought.

They shine warmly like the sun on a patch of dried up grass,

Each core represents the glow they most certainly surpass.

Again and again, we humans look around and wonder,

What is it about those flowers that make us go under?

Author's Note: Um, I hope you like this poem. It was a quicky because I was just really bored. Please Review! Thanks peeps!