Darkened clouds in her sweet lullaby

Beauty and splendor torn

Such beautiful suicidal tears

That flow along such a delicate emotionless face

Falling like raindrops

Each with their own story to tell

Her hallow, emotionless eyes

An icy blue

Shaking as she lingers in the nightmare she is dreaming of

Hesitant, she heads to the grave

Across the never-ending abyss

Her love's lost soul lingers there

She heads to his grave

Where the saddest poem is engraved on his tombstone

So sensually carved and stained with blood

She mourns her love for him

He appears as nothing more than a ghost

A hallow shell of what he once was

He touches her shattered bleeding soul

And he tells her;

"I love you more than anything

You are my love;

My everything

My beautiful broken fallen angel

But please, don't end it

I am with you always

I am beside you

I am inside you

I am you."

A/n: I wanted to try a new writing technique, tell me what you think. I hope you liked.