I cross the lines, where no has been,

Others have a limit, but I'm just a teen.

I can scowl, I can glower

I can pout, and I can glare.

Nobody will try to scold me, they wouldn't dare.

I live my life the way I want to, I live my life the way I can

Every day I keep on being, living, living…mistake after mistake

Each simple wrong fills me with joyous glee, they are mine to make.

My life is my own; I set the course, the way, the tone

So fuck authority, I reign on the rebel's throne.

To hell with all the torturous agonising,

To hell with all the random thoughts,

No way to analyse my mind…

I like to watch them flounder as they try

They shouldn't even give a shit.

And I am unique, just one of a kind.