A martyr's flick

Cold, killed away at

Smells beating in my ears mixed

mangled to a tear.

Roses spit and spurn fiery mages

thrust open the doors enchant the hearts

repulse me with pure white tissue wrapped

in a garland


over a gravestone and concrete floor. What

no what embellishments dig the dead. They're

dead, gone out of the head. There's better

ways to throw your sympathy.

No, don't give it to me. I'm not a

charity case, neither is she.


I'm picking at this glass though, while the ice

glitters and shines pearls to the eyes.

Life- no death- no lifeā€¦ stop your snivelling.

So they split, big deal get on with it.

See, even if the moon came crashing down

on you and became WWIII, you still wouldn't

see. I'm confused- he burned himself- for me.

Why? Don't ask me. I couldn't no wouldn't

even if I knew.


Took long enough to come; wretched it all

up. Stomach's still hurting and I'm still

waiting and waiting and waiting for that

apology. Not from you, no, not from you.

She has enough shit wrapped up in a

mattress, writing notes on book covers.

Her mom doesn't lover her, no she don't.

She's tried to please. This ain't no

teenage drama flick, no this ice cream's

tainted. So paint it over. Move to a

new country.


I like the pink better than the blue- or

was that you? It's going round bouncing

like a ball fractured and bruised with

enough air to cruise. Don't forget

choose or lose or muse.


But seriously, this is my cue. What was

he thinking? Where was his head?

boxed up, too late, so long. My fault.

Condemn them all you want, the

clock will still fall writhing inside

Your mouth. I wish I had a pet.


Selfish? me? Self righteous maybe.

So I stalk out onto the road strapped

hands to the back. Mouth sneezing out

these words. Burn. die. Go back to

your own. I smile and nod and

laugh along. Flick the switch.