Anger and sadness from your death

Your beauty resounds inside my head

Like a note from a well played harp

Your voice echoes with every breath

You are no longer here for me to see

But you heart lives on within me

I will miss you

For every day that passes

The space you have bought between us

Becomes larger and deeper

I cannot come with you I have lost all of my hope

Why you left no ones here knows that was lost

Along with your body as you slit your wrists

You know the answer we all die to know

Your parents say they miss you

What would I give to hold you one more time again

To hear your laugh or your voice

I would give anything to see your parents happy

But I know that wont come soon

All my hope is gone as you were my flower

Through this empty field

I could always see you

But you never told me you needed me as much as I needed you

I was your beacon you once said

I didn't know what you meant till right now as I write this poem

Watching the words get washed away with my tears

You could have told me anything

You still could if you were still here

But your life has been burnt out

Nothing is left inside your head

You words are gone aswell as your voice

Nothing can reach you not even me so why do I bother

I said I would die without you

I was never kidding

I am dead now dead as you are, maybe not like you

But deep inside my head you still live on

So maybe you're not dead

You spirit is still here something for me to hold onto

Even when everything else is crumbling

Your petals still shine

My head is dead I can't think

I have given up all hope in seeing you again

I have tried to fool your parents but that didn't work

So why can't you just call out to me

I know why though

Its because you were to tortured to get help

I feel like im being selfish when I yell

Its your own fault you are dead!