Let Her Go

She doesn't belong here

Among blue jeans

And sushi,


And automatic faucets.

Technology has replaced

Magic and hard work.

Her head in books

Of what they now call


But she believes in

Hermes and Hades,

Galahad and Gawain,

Merlin and Mordred.

Centaurs, elves, dwarves,

Fae, nymphs, goblins, dragons.

She flies in dreams,

Escapes in dreams,

Lives in dreams.

She belongs in a world

Saturated with magic.

Among spells and sorcerers.

She should dance with pixies

In front of great bonfires.

Roam the woods with

Chiron and the Centaurs.

This world cannot hold her

For her dreams are too big.

Just let her go,

Let her soar,

Let her fly,

Ser her free

Among the clouds.

Let her go

To live among the divine.

Let her go free

To live as she chooses.