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Worth Living For

It's weird how you were in this same position a couple months ago. All lonely and hope all gone. I remembered all that had happened. I was there. Didn't you know? Yes...I saw what happened. You had just confess your love to the one who had stolen your heart only...she had turned you down. Quite harshly if I remember and I quote "You are not worth my time. You're hardly worth anyone's time. You're not worth living for."

I remember that you had fled, leaving tears behind you on the ground.

And then...I finally had the courage to ask you out. However...you declined. And that's what led to...this.

I'm standing on my balcony which is very high up from the ground and got a very nice view of the crashing waves of water and the glowing sun. I watch with hollow eyes at the ocean, wondering what made you respond the way you did.

I believe that by the time you see me...I won't be here any longer.

Is life worth living for? Is it? After what I've been through...I don't think life longer cares about me. Love me. Lady Destiny is just playing on the chess board, just making me want to jump. Teasing me....

But you know what. I think I've been spending too much time with Akai. He always talk about destiny and such.

So here I am, wind blowing against me, threatening to make me fall to my demise. I actually had a thought to obey it. The wind is quite comforting if you let it.

More comforting than what you had done.

My friends won't forgive me for this. Akai....Tsuki....Kisa. They'll all hate you. I guess they feel it's someone your fault huh? In a way...it is. Guess that's fate.

Great. I'm sounding like Akai. That boy really needs to know when to keep his mouth shut.

I suppose life isn't worth living for anymore. Especially since the one who has stolen my heart responded to me with so much hatred. I guess you can't have everything in life.

But no matter what. I will always watch over you.

After all...I wouldn't be a good guardian angel if I let you....die now would I?

My time grows short as I near the ground. I sincerely hope you have happiness...even though I would have given you whatever you want to make sure that you were happy.

I love you Ryuke Kamikara......

Forever yours....


Life is worth living for. Even if your heart's thief have rejected you....