"A book holds a house of gold." --Chinese Proverb

The book of gold is opening up
The shine fills my eyes
Tearing up and blurring
My eyes seek the hidden prize that lies inside

Impurities are everywhere
Yet it looks untainted as ever
The preciousness compacted in
With just glue and thread to hold it together

An adventure lies in this fragile binding
Breaking loose once the pages unfold
Yellowing as we go on
But its value never to corrode

The adventure of love and learning
The adventure of hate and crime
The adventure never will diminish
It stays hidden to keep in your mind

These treasure chests of knowledge
Prizing us with gifts to cherish
With adventures we have no hope of knowing
We must remember never to let them perish

And as the story ends
And the book of gold is closing
I see a little lesson, too
And this is what keeps me going

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