You are the dragon, my love,

Though you have not devoured me yet.

You hoard up our memories like gold--

And what I want I'll not get.

I want you to choose me, my love

Out of all the damsels distressed,

But you take all the others and I

Am left to sit here and rest.

You won't let me go, though, my love.

Are you saving the best for last?

The rest come and go, yet you keep me.

The time that I've spent here is vast.

Sometimes I think you forget me,

Then you look over and wink,

And I know that one day you will pick me

When you're tired of the others, I think.

Though not chained, I'm stuck here, my love,

Tied to you by invisible line.

Then I realize that I could escape you.

The invisible bonds must be mine.