The blackness stands before me,
Filled with words, tales and stories,

The siren call of the Leanne Sidhe draws me forward,
Away from safety,
Away from sanity,
Away from humanity.

Drawn ever forward by the Muses' cry,
Losing my old self,
Finding my true self,
What has been lost can never be regained.

Following the echoing cry that gives me life,
I stop before a chasm,
Vast and dark.

Voices from the depths call me forward,
Taliesin, Bran, Cordemanon, Borovo, Myrrdin, Brigantia, Dumiatis, Danu.
Their voices call to me from the unseen depths.

Before me stand the unseen depths,
From which the Leanne Sidhe calls to me,
Vast, unknown, and insecure,
Behind me stands humanity,
Security, safety, charted waters.
Beside me stands oblivion,
Dark as the chasm,
But empty, cold, and lonely.

As chaos whirls around me,
I take a breath,
I make my choice as my world is reborn,
And I step...