You all tell me 'I wish I was as talented as you,'

I've got no problem with that,

But this talent is more of a curse,

My writing is my thinking,

Thoughts that pour from my head.

Never escaping the forces that be,

Thoughts bouncing around inside of me,

Slowly they drive me insane.

This talent, this curse,

Is the pain that I live,

It is the people I love,

The tears I cry.

My head bursts with thoughts…feelings,

I want to explode,

I swear it will be,

The most beautiful thing you'll ever see,

As every tragic beauty flies out of me.

I cannot keep these things inside,

They flow through my veins to spite me,

Come screaming out through my fingers,

The most intense pain I never want to feel,

But its constantly coming,

Its always there.

My thoughts betray me,

I long to see them leave,

My dream to be devoid of thought,

Comes closer with every word I write.

All my life I will try to escape,

The insanity that is my mind.

So many things I try to say

I can almost feel them in my heart

It isn't art, it's a curse,

It's the worst I've ever felt,

My thoughts like a stab in my heart,

I can feel them there,

In my soul,

I want them to escape.