You're like this sick addiction. I love you, but I don't want you. I need you, but at the same time I don't. It drives me crazy. You drive me crazy. You distort my thoughts worse than they already are. You're the one thing I have, but can't have at the same time. Your overbearing, yet tender. You hold on to me, like you never want to let go, yet I am just your friend. You're simple, yet so complex.

(Don't lie to me; I know I mean something to you.)

My skin burns for your touch. My tongue craves the taste of Watermelon; the taste of you. Who knew watermelon could be so damn bitter. Who knew? Who knew something so beautiful, could be so different. Difference is beautiful. You say I'm your friend. You know nothing about me. You don't know me. You don't know me. I crave you….like the sick addiction you are. I crave you.

(Don't tell me that you don't feel anything, I know the thought has crossed your mind)

Don't lie, don't try to hide the fact you hold me so tightly and think I wont notice you don't let go. Don't hide the fact that when we hug, I am the first to pull away and run off to class. Don't tell me I don't care about you, when I'm almost late because I was with you. Don't tell me that I'm not willing to risk everything for you. I already have. I already have.

(Don't tell me you don't notice when I'm not around; I'm the one who makes you smile)

You disappear for days on end. I worry like I am your wife. I'm just your plaything. If you cared, you'd notice the fact, I look for you in hallways; the fact that I care about you more than I do myself. You're never there when I need you most. You never question why I feel like crashing. You can't recognize tired from depressed, when I can do exactly that for you. You're never there.

(Don't tell me you aren't trying to make me go away. I know you are.)

Don't tell me it's ok. Don't tell me you're not trying to make me go away. I'll just make it easier. I'll leave; you don't have to talk to me again. I'll stay broken. Don't try and fix me. Don't tell me its better this way. I liked you more when you weren't a liar.