What has society come to?

What has society come to?

We cry because we are hurt

Yet we laugh at others when they are hurting.

We make fun of people to make ourselves feel good

What does that solve?

Absolutely nothing

Society what have we made it?

We have made it

Everything that we hate

We hate it all;

Being made fun of

Being Laughed at

Being called names that kill us inside

Being in fights and wars

Being judged on every single action we make

Being lied to

Being rated for our personality and body

Being rated by our group of friends

Having no respect for others,

No respect for ourselves.

That we have hiding places just to get away

Having to pretend to be something you're not to fit in

Thinking that cutting and death is the only way out

We have made society

Into everything that we hate.

And most people don't even realize what we really have made it


That one day

When you see something

Or hear something

That makes you wonder

What have we become?

Ha-ha she's ugly

Ha-ha he dropped his books

Ha-ha I called her a freak and now she's crying

Ha-ha I'm stronger than you

Ha-ha you hurt yourself

Ha-ha I lied to you and you don't know it

Ha-ha she's fat so she gets a zero on the hot scale, he gets a zero for personality cuz he likes tennis

Ha-ha he hangs out with her and him so he is a loser

Ha-ha you do so much for me and I do nothing for you

Ha-ha she's only 15 and pregnant, no self respect I see

Ha-ha they all go to church to escape it all when in reality it's just outside the door

Ha-ha he is wearing a mask just so he can belong in our click when we don't actually like him

Ha-ha their lives are so unbearable that the die and cut themselves on purpose

See…look at that all

We have made society

Into a rating place

Where if one thing doesn't go with our beliefs

We rate against it all

And try to turn others against us

And all of the above

Isn't even half of what we have made it

What have we made this place

That we call home

This place

Where we live

This place

That must live on forever

This place

That we have made society

A living nightmare