For a Moment (We Promised)

For a moment I felt like you were here again,

For a moment I felt like I had nothing to fear again,

But then I realized that your nowhere around here,

And from my eye I shed a silent tear.

We gave a toast to innocence,

Said we'd get so wasted we'd forget all about this,

We gave a toast to pain,

And our eyes went vacant as we recalled memories with snow and rain.

And for a moment we felt alive,

Like somehow we'd survive,

And for a moment we were back at school where this all started,

We relived the whole year and I cried as I remember the day you departed.

We said we'd never change and that we'd always be there,

We said we'd always love each other,

We promised each other we'd always care.

And for a split second I thought I felt your arms around me,

And for a second I felt secure,

And for a second I couldn't see,

For my vision was clouded with sights of you and me.

We said we'd never lose each other,

You promised I'd never have to cry,

You promised me that if I ever jumped,

You'd join me in the sky.

And for a moment you were here again,

And for a moment I cried,

And for a moment you held me in your arms,

And told me that in you I could confide,

And I said…

What happened to our memories?

The feelings I felt now feel like lies,

How did we ever lose something like what we had?

I promise you I never once cried,

And I promise you that if I ever say I didn't love you,

I'd tell you that I lied.

And in that moment you promised to always be,

The only one I'd ever need,

And that you'd always be there for me.