"so, baby, let's go,

run past windswept lawns

dead in the January sunset.

the lights flicker with your

outstretched hand while

the sun fades out.

so, baby, let's go,

run through snow graced sidewalks

steamy with passing cars.

can you feel my body heat

through those layers of

sarcasm I built up?

windows closed to the January

sunset: you locked the door

before I could come in."


"I'm not ready for that

taking off my clothes

isn't a sin but then again

it's not a second nature.

and I cant tell where your at

the phone lines froze

my anger subsides in ten

seconds of anger, sir.

never tell me of love



"come on baby, you know

that this is what you want."


that was the end between them.

(but she never sewed up the

rip in her shirt)