Death's Watch

Tick tock tick tock, the soft sound of the watch echoed through the antique store. It had decided on its new owner. Their fate decided the moment the hands moved. The soft ticking drawing the owner to it's location, only heard so loudly by who it was.

The heels clicked against the tiles of school hall. The sleek black boots trailing to her knees where red frills lead up to the wavy bottom of her black dress. Red ribbons lacing the top of the dress making it seem like a corset. Her blood tipped black hair was tied into two bushy pigtails held by skull-charmed ribbons. She was the last to leave the halls of the deserted school. Her best friend was outside waiting for her. They took her hand and guided her down the concrete stairs of the school. As the gloomy gray sky hanged over them, her friend asked why she was put in 2-hour detention.

"Teh, I was screaming in biology class. Ms. Bishkey thought I was being irrational, but there was this very annoying clock ticking in my ear. I couldn't find the source so I screamed out so whoever was holding up that damn watch to my ear would shut it up," Tsuki replied still looking very annoyed.

Yume hugged her tight. Tsuki looked at her, "Why'd you do that?"

"You just looked like you needed it," she replied. "Is the ticking still there though?"

Tsuki scoffed, "Of course it is. I'm so annoyed with it. It stopped for a moment after I screamed in class, but it started up again and still is ticking." Her face looked pained. "It feels like I could just pass out any moment. It's just a giant headache."

Yume held tight to her hand, making sure Tsuki didn't fall as her body wobbled.

"Did the ticking ever soften down?"

"Well, there was that time where I was walking in a certain direction in the school. The more I went that way the softer the ticking got, but it was still pretty loud."

Tsuki walked in the direction the annoyance soften to as Yume held her hand just in case she would pass out.

They walked down the street, block after block they walked. By the 8th block, the ticking in Tsuki's ear softened enough so that she knew that she didn't need Yume supporting her. As they got closer and closer to their destination the sky darkened and the wind picked up. Finally the ticking ceased when they walked in front of an old rundown antique store. The store window read Muerstanza. They cautiously walked through the squeaky door. A musty smell filled their noses. Glancing around, they saw everything was covered in a heavy layer of dust, untouched for years.

An old lady appeared from the corner of their eyes. Boney hands clasping a wooden cane, her eyes shrunken deep into the pits of her face. The dusty gray shawl covered her musty colorless dress. Her voice rusted like a crow's harsh caw.

"It's been such a long time since I've had a customer. Feel free to look around. I'm so old that I can barely move. Come over when you need to purchase something." she said in a kind creepy way.

The pair moved through the store careful not to disturb the dust. Nothing caught either of their eyes till they reached the back corner. Tsuki spotted this interesting looking watch. Carefully picking it up from its grave, she brushed away all the dust revealing a double-sided pocket watch. The front side had tarnished silver bone border with bold roman numerals. The center held a small red-eyed grinning skull that kept the burning candle hands of the watch in place. The top knob was a skull as well. On the back, the tarnished silver border were feathers instead of bones. Gold lightning bolts made up the hands and a small cloud took the place of the red-eyed skull that was in the front. The bold roman numerals were the same despite all the changes in design.

Tsuki took a great amount of interest in the watch. It seemed to have captured everything in her. A need to buy the watch filled her. Yume didn't seem to care that much for the ancient watch. Quickly she tugged Tsuki to talk to the lady and buy the stupid thing.

Tsuki presented the watch to the old lady that still scared her.

"Oh, this is a special watch. It's said that it brings good luck if you have the bones facing the world and brings bad luck if the feathers are facing out. You seem to be a nice girl; I'll give it to you for only $50. How about it girl?" The old lady offered, her voice seemed to be dying on her.

Yume's face twisted in disapproval. She whispered to Yume that is was a bad idea to buy something that expensive. It was just a watch after all.

The old lady heard her comment. "I would say that. I lowered the price a lot for your friend. The original price of the watch is $250. I cut $200 from it. It's quality watch too. All I'm asking for is $50."

Tsuki pulled out a credit card and placed it in front of the lady. "I don't have any money on me so just put it on the card, if that's ok."

The lady nodded. Her bones cracked as she picked up the card and swiped it. Just then the clocks in the room chimed 6 o'clock. Hastily Tsuki grabbed the card out of the lady's hand and rushed out with Yume to get home. She held her new watch tight to her chest. It didn't seem to matter anymore since she was so worried that her mom was going to kill her for being late for dinner.

Back at the store, the old lady just waved at the slowly closing door. Once the door closed shut, her body disappeared into a pile of dust on the floor. A soft whisper lingered in the air though. "Thank you for taking that cursed thing from my possession, now I may rest in peace like I should have 100 years ago."

Yume had drop Tsuki at her door and left for her own home. Tsuki looked at her new watch, it wasn't too late. She hoped that her mom wasn't too angry at her being late for dinner. Gulping she pushed open the door, immediately her mom starts to yell at her from the kitchen demanding to know where she was and why she was late for dinner. Also her mom was yelling about the fact that the teacher called them about her detention. Tsuki just sighed and sat down at the table. "Mom, I just got annoyed at the ticking of a clock. It was right in my ear," Tsuki argued.

"Yeah right missy. Eat your dinner and just finish your homework in your room," her mom retorted.

"Bitch," she muttered under her breath. Arrogantly she stuffed food in her mouth.

Her mom glared at her, "What did you say?"

Tsuki shook her head, "Oh, nothing."

Honestly, Tsuki thought her mom was completely too demanding of her. She had her own life to live. She couldn't stay locked up in this house like her mom wanted her to be. Every day and night her mom would complain about her. For example, the way she dressed was always critized and here was the talk now.

"Tsuki, you really should stop dressing like that. Especially those short dresses, you could get raped out there. It was in the news today that a young girl in the area got raped when she was walking home from school. The girl wore the same type of clothes you are wearing now." Her mom remarked as they ate dinner.

"MOM! I don't need to hear this. I'll be ok, I'll just fight back. I'm pretty strong and I know a guy's weakness," she quickly replied. "I don't need you babying me. I'm in high school now for god's sake. I can take care of myself."

Her mom gave her a look that said 'I don't think so'. "You really think that? You aren't exactly making the right choices. If I didn't remind you everyday to do your homework, you'd forget it. If I didn't put a curfew on you, you think you'd come home and eat dinner or even sleep. If I didn't wake you up in the morning, you think you'd go to work or even school."

Tsuki looked away afraid to admit that she would forget everything, that her mom was right about her.

"I gave birth to you and raised you with my hands. You think I don't know what you are like," she continued.

Quickly Tsuki ate her food, annoyed with the conversation. She cleaned up her plates and placed them in the sink. "I'm through with you mom. I don't need to hear your bullshit. I can take care of myself, and I'll show you." Stomping up the stairs, she left the room.

"Why can't you be like your brother? He was never like this," her mom yelled after her.

"Well, maybe because he is only my half-brother! You had to divorce with my dad too. You're a bitch you know. A complete B-I-T-C-H!" She yelled back, then slammed the door of her room.

It was true that her brother was only her half-brother. He was 7 years older than her afterall, but truthfully she looked up to him in every way. She just never could reach the high standards that he put for her so she gave up trying, becoming what she was today. It didn't really matter, her brother was out of the house and he couldn't do anything to change her.

Outside the window, rain started to fall upon the house. The soft rumbling of thunder could be heard in the background. She sighed as she sat down at her desk and started to do her homework. As time rolled on, the clock chimed 10. Tsuki stood from her desk and took a quick shower before going off to bed clutching her new watch in her hands.

The storm grew fiercer and fiercer as the night went on. The red eyes of the skull glinted with an evil intent.

The next day Tsuki walked through the school halls. Her heels clicking against the tile again. Her dress today was black again but with blue lace bordering the edges. This time a silver chain dangled around her neck holding her new pocket watch over her heart. The skull side facing out to the world so it could bring her good luck.

As usual the boys stared at her. Some of them taking her hand and worshiping her beauty. The girls glaring at her filled with malice as she stole their boyfriends. She just gleamed proudly letting the boys flock over her. She was queen and she knew it. Her only competition was another girl named Elizabeth. Elizabeth was much more flirty than Tsuki would be and much more ruthless toward others, yet she managed to keep pretty hot boy by her side.

Oh how she wished she had one. One that was charming and matched up to her expectations. As she left her fanboy group to go to class, they groaned disappointed. She blew kisses to them all as she entered the art room. Within moments she bumped into a boy who spilled ink all over her, badly staining her skin.

"Fuck, who the hell do you think you are?! Spilling ink all over my perfect skin and dress!" She demanded to know. The boy looked up apologetically.

"I'm sorry, but you weren't exactly looking where you were going," He replied, trying to wipe off as much as ink as possible. Fixing his glasses a little he saw that he was standing before a extremely pissed off Tsuki.

'What a dork. Why do I have such bad luck?' she thought, then she looked down at her watch. The feathered side showed before her. 'No wonder, I had the bad luck side showing.' Quickly she flipped the watch over.

In that moment, a suave guy entered the room. His long blond hair was tied back in a little ponytail, the black leather jacket covered his body and his dark jeans finished off the ideal prince in Tsuki's mind. He crossed the room and bowed before her. Raising his head he presented a beautiful red rose to her. "Would you like to go out with me?" he asked smoothly.

The other boy just rolled his eyes and left them to continue with his art. "Crazy gothic people," he muttered.

Tsuki held the rose within her hands and sighed thinking this was the most romantic thing that has happened. "I'd love to go out with you," she replied. "Your name?"

"Seph, my lady," he replied rising from the ground, kissing her hand.

Suddenly the teacher called out from the office.

"Joseph, do you mind kicking out the disturbance?" The teacher said.

The guy that Tsuki just thought was a dork got out of his seat and looked at them. "Do you mind taking your romance else where? We're trying to work in here."

Seph gave Tsuki a quick kiss and left the room.

She turned to Joseph, "Now look what you did, you chased away my boyfriend."

"Well, sorry," he replied sarcastically and returned to work. "You should stop worrying about appearances and just work hard at what you have."

Tsuki just scoffed at him and sat down to work on her art project.

For the rest of the day Tsuki never saw Seph and cursed Joseph for her misfortune. She told Yume at lunch what had happened at lunch.

"Seph? The Seph that is like untouchable asked you out? That's one thing that Elizabeth can never catch. Tsuki, that's great news! Even Joseph said something to you." Yume asked, her eyes filled with shock.

"Yeah, the bastard. He ended the romance between Seph and I. He has a social status?"

"Oh god, of course he does. He's the biggest dork in the whole school with the name 'Most likely to get rich doing anything'. If you get on good terms with him, he might give you a share of his future money," Yume replied, "Though he looks like a complete nerd, he's got pretty good looks under those glasses. If anything, I'd love to get married to him. He's also a pretty sweet guy after you get to know him."

Tsuki gave a good shake or two. "EARTH TO YUME! Are you serious?! What are you, in love with him?! I thought you could score higher than him."

She sighed, "I'm not sure. I've talked to him a few times in class and he's cool."

'Fuck that bastard. First he ruins my moment with Seph and now stealing my friend from me. I wish he would just stop messing with my life.' Tsuki thought hatefully.

"Hey Yume, have you seen Elizabeth today? I want to tell her the news. You know shove it in her face," she asked suddenly.

Yume shook her head, "Didn't you know? Last night some girl got raped, that girl was Elizabeth. She got raped badly. The police found her sobbing chained up to a hotel room's bed. Her clothes were ripped badly and semen was all over her. It's a sad story Tsuki. The thing is that it was only when her mother reported her missing that the police went looking for her. She's being interviewed by the police to find the rapist and put with a therapist. It completely slipped my mind till you brought it up."

She gasped at hearing the news. When Joseph appeared. Glaring at him, she asked why he was here.

"I'm here to talk to Yume, of course. Why would I talk to a slut like you? I bet you'd be the next victim of the rapist. It's in the newspaper too, doofus. On the walls were written the words Away with the sluts, let them taste what they want till they die. Feh, like I'd care. Anyway be careful, the both of you. I'll be walking Yume home from now on. My mom already told her mom," Joseph explained before they could jump to conclusions. "See ya then."

Still in the back of Tsuki's mind, Joseph was a bad person. No, worse than bad, HORRIBLE! Now he'd walk Yume home who also walks with her home. She had a bad feeling about the rest of the day.

Again the bell rang, this time the dismissal bell. Tsuki strolled out of her class as her usual fanboys came and carried her books. Their reward, a kiss from their mistress.

"Tssuuki, won't you reward us more for our dedication? We've given up our girlfriends just to be with you. Won't you be ours?" They groaned.

She shook her finger. "No no boys, I've got a boyfriend now. It's Seph. If you have an issue you can go talk to him." Just then Seph appeared around the corner. "Oh there he is boys. Sorry I have to go home now. I love you all." She said flirty as she ran to him.

"Hey love. I haven't seen you all day," she chimed, kissing his cheek. He wrapped his arms around her possessively. Seph took her to a desert area and held her arms against the wall. "Stop playing with those puppies. You have me now. You're mine." He kissed her fiercely and biting her down her neck. Tsuki was so surprised she didn't know what to do. Never had any boy dared to do this to her. Realizing this was wrong, she tried to push him away. Seph noticed her struggle and pinned his hard body against hers. "You're mine now. I get to do whatever I want and if you don't I'll just get a few of my gang friends to beat your pretty face up. Also I'll start a few nasty rumors around the school to ruin your oh so important social status."

Suddenly someone in the halls, most likely Yume, started calling her name.

Seph let go of her and composed himself. "You say anything about this and your life is down the drain. Let's go." With that he stalked off into the halls.

Tsuki placed her hands over her fearful pounding heart. She fiddled with her watch trying to calm her nerves from the experience. Suddenly she felt her hands click on something, but didn't have time to see what she had done. Yume and Seph now called for her to hurry up. Running out of the hall, she met them to walk home.

Gently a miniature tarot card fell to the floor. The reversed Tower card faced Tsuki, its meaning unknown to her.

Once she got home she ran up the stairs into her brother's room. It was basically empty but there were a few things left that was his. The sheets and a few clothes that he grew out of before he went to college. She cleaned his room once a week to make herself feel a little better.

Collapsing on the bed, she started to cry. "Alex, why aren't you here? I need to be by you badly. I want to be in your arms like you used to hold me when I was little. I'm scared. I don't know what to do, Seph scared me today. Where are you when I need you?" She stayed curled up in the sheet, silently crying for a long time. Gathering herself she stood up and searched the room for the laptop that she had hid there. Still shaking from her breakdown, she wrote her brother a long email about what has been going on in her life. Though he might be upset at most of the things that happened to her, she was sure that he'd comfort her in some way.

Soon her mom called her down for dinner. That night she didn't give her mom a fight or anything, she just ate her dinner quiet and creeped up the stairs into her room to do her homework as usual. Locking away today's event in her heart, only for her brother to know.

One week later, Tsuki went to school dressed in her brother's remaining clothes. Too stressed out in her own mind to wear her own clothes. The clothes were too big on her, yet she still wore them. Yume and Joseph didn't mind the change at all and didn't question her actions at all. Her flirty attitude slowly disappeared, her thoughts reserved.

The flocks of fanboys would still come to her, now trying to comfort her. In return, Seph would abuse her after school in deserted areas, always threatening her and roughly kissing her. She would still fight back to protect herself because it was her brother's advise when he replied to her emails.

When Tsuki had the free time she'd find one of her horny fanboys and orally please them in the back rooms of the gym where no one went. She just wanted a way out of those heavily weighed thoughts. All she wanted to here the joy in her boy's groans as they orgasmed. That was one out of three things that made her worries disappear. Talking to her brother online was another, and getting angry at Joseph being the last thing.

By now Tsuki's brother was fed up with this Seph guy he kept hearing about abusing his sister no matter how much of a slut she had become. In one of his emails he said he was going to come over and fix all her problems. Excitedly Tsuki rampaged through the school announcing that her brother was coming to visit her.

Joseph looked at her with contempt. "You really don't have to be this happy you know. It's like you were completely spoiled by him."

"It's because I was. I love him dearly and he loves me right back," She said smugly. She took a lot of pride in her half-brother's work and love for her. "He won't be here in a few days though. I don't think you have to be filled with disgrace yet."

He just shook his head. "I guess there are things that can never change. You're still as vain as ever." Joseph got up and left her there.

Seph took his place and took Tsuki's hands. "I'm sorry about how I've been to you this last week. I didn't really mean it, I'm just really protective." He acted as if she was the queen of the school again unlike how he was before. "I love you Tsuki."

She didn't exactly trust his words, but they were better nothing. He bowed before her and seemed to pledge his loyalty to her. Loving the attention she forgave him, though she shouldn't have. On her face a cocky smirk appeared, her ego got a big boost with him bowing before her. "You'd better love me for putting up with you."

His face was hidden from her, but he smirked as well with evil intentions.

Suddenly the class bell started to ring. "Love, I got to go to class now. Don't have all of your puppies flocking to you now. I might get jealous now. Talk to you later." Seph whispered into her ear, planting a soft kiss on her cheek. Popping up from a corner, one of her fanboys offered his hand to escort her to class.

"Come my lady, you have a class to get to now," he said softly.

Tsuki took his hand and got up. "Thank you Danny. Hmm, come to think of it I've never really done anything with you."

He looked at her, "Really? Are you saying you want to reward me somehow for my obedience?" His voice sounding skeptical of her underlying offer. "Don't you have a boyfriend that is possessive of you?"

"Well, I think you can be an exception just this once," she replied as they stopped in front of her classroom. "Meet me after school in the abandoned shower room behind the gym. You'll get your reward then," she whispered into his ear, then disappeared into the classroom.

After school Tsuki told Yume and Seph that a teacher had to talk to her about her work ethics. They just nodded and left her alone. Not exactly, Seph asked a few more questions until Yume dragged him away.

Quickly Tsuki ran to the abandoned shower room. Danny was standing there leaning against the tile wall with his shirt off. "So you weren't lying about my reward. What are you going to do?"

She sighed, walking around checking him out. "I don't know. What do you want me to do?" Her fingers traced down his smooth chest. She kissed him down his neck, nipping and suckling at his life's pulse. His arms wrapped her waist, holding her closer to him.

"I want you to do whatever you want," he breathed huskily into his ear. "You are such a slut aren't you? Such a deep sinner."

She just smirked as she kissed him down his body, her hands slipping down his stomach. "Ha, and I still managed to keep my virginity," she whispered, her hands working his pants open.

"Oh, really? Let's see what happens after tonight," he replied, towering over her claiming her lips.

Leaning into the kiss, she moaned. It had been such a long time since someone kissed her so gently. He broke the kiss quickly to look at his mistress. Her hair a little ruffled, her lips open slightly lusting for more. He took in the sight before him. His fingers wandered to pull up the pocket watch from within her brother's shirt.

"It's a interesting watch. I suppose it's a good luck charm for you," he said, investigating the surface of the watch. "You really should wear the feathered side more often. It fits you better than the bones." Suddenly he hit a switch and out fell two cards. The tower and death both right side up. He muttered under his breath, "A great disaster will occur but you'll be changed for the better."

"What did you say Danny?" Tsuki asked.

He shook his head, "Nothing, just nothing."

Tsuki's let her hands wander into his open pants and grasped his semi-hard erection. She stroked it to full hardness, extracting choked groans and soft gasps of pleasure from Danny. That is till she heard an announcement that called to her attention.

"Would Miss Tsuki come to the office? Your mother is on the phone. It's an urgent message." The announcements had blared.

She looked to Danny who groaned, obviously disappointed. Her look seemed to ask him if he wanted to come with her to the office. He just nodded and stuffed himself back into his pants though his face told her that he didn't like the way his pants felt so tight. An unexplained feeling washed over her. Briefly she hugged him dearly and placed a honest kiss on his cheek.

Inside she felt an unexplained feeling of safety that she didn't feel around Seph, or the annoyed anger she had with Joseph. He was also different from all her other minions. She took his hand and went down to the office.

Down in the office, she took the phone to her ear. "Hello? Mom?"

"Tsuki, I know you're going to scream when you hear this. Just calm down and take a deep breath." Her mom told her over the phone.

She just sighed, "What mom? I'm calm. Whatever it is just tell me."

There was a long pause on the phone. She could hear that her mom was crying.

"Mom, what is it? What happened?" She questioned, getting worried. Her mom rarely cried at all.

Slowly the sniffles died down. "I know you loved him very much, but someone just called moments ago. Alex is dead Tsuki. Your brother is dead. He died in a car accident when he was driving up to see you. His friend called me from the hospital to tell me the news. He said that Alex was in a big rush to come home and see you. He said that Alex was worried about you so wanted to be here to comfort you in your dark times. Then he just stopped explaining."

The shock was so big that Tsuki didn't realize that she had been crying while her mom was talking. She just felt a wet substance flowing from her eyes. Only when she went to feel it did she notice it.

"Mom, I'm going to hang up now. I'll come home as soon as the news sinks in." With that Tsuki hung up the phone.

Danny wrapped her in his strong arms and held her against him. She held him tight. Not caring that he was only a minion, she just needed to hold someone. Her loud scream was only slightly muffled by Danny's body. All he did was stand there holding her as she broke down. She screamed 'no' over and over again. Though her voice grew hoarse she didn't stop. Sobbing over and over again at her loss. Her energy slipping from her body, unable to stand any longer she fell to her knees holding tightly to Danny as her emotional support. She passed out like that, thrown completely into shock.

He asked the office worker for her address in order to carry her home. The secretary looked unsurely at him, but gave him the address. Danny picked her up in his arms and started to carry her to his car where he drove her home.

When he reached the house, he carried her to the door and rang the doorbell where her mother opened up and let him in. She guided him to her brother's room to placed Tsuki down. Her mother quickly asked who he was for safety reasons. Once that was all cleared up, Danny asked her about Tsuki's relationship with her brother.

"They were half-brother and half-sister. Though they were very close. Tsuki always clung to be near her brother even through his high school year when she still was in elementary school. No one could separate the two. Sure, they had their fights, but they were always the perfect team. Her brother Alex always strived to be the best at everything he did setting a high standard for her to meet once he went to college. Without her brother at her side, she didn't know where to place the love she had for him. He was always too busy at college with homework and projects, so she turned into whatever she is at school. She gave up following her brother's footsteps even though she could surpass them." Her mom explained to Danny. "I'll just leave you two alone. You seem honest enough." With that she left the room.

He scanned the room and found a few old pictures of Tsuki and her brother. Her eyes shone happily in those pictures, unlike the masked eyes she wore these days. Danny decided it was the best if he stayed here by her side just in case she woke up and needed to be comforted. He went downstairs and asked Tsuki's mom for permission then called his own mom.

Several times that night Tsuki woke up sobbing. It forced Danny to sleep in the same bed because of how she would cling for comfort. She was as helpless as a lamb. Clinging to a guy she barely even knew to comfort her.

In the morning, when Tsuki had taken all of the news in her mom told her when the funeral was. It was to be next week on a Saturday. Her mom insisted that Tsuki should stay home away from the busy social life of school, but Tsuki argued that there were things she had to do at school. Danny popped into the car and drove the both of them to school.

Everyone looked at the grungy looking Tsuki. Her eyes were puffy and red from crying all night. Her hair so messed up it was like a bird's nest, from when she started to throw pillows in anger and Danny was forced to pin her down on the bed to stop her from breaking anything. Supposedly during the night, Tsuki started to blame herself for her brother's death and thought about committing suicide. Danny needed to stop her from killing herself too.

Tsuki plopped down next to Yume and Joseph who stared intently on her.

"What happened?" Yume asked.

Tsuki sniffled a bit. "My older brother died in a car accident. I cried all night and blamed myself for his death. Even tried to kill myself, but Danny stopped me. He stayed over to make sure I was safe."

They were both held a shocked expression on their faces. Yume gave her a comforting hug for her loss, while Joseph looked away seemingly uncompelled to do anything.

"Tsuki, I don't want to burst your bubble of sorrow. Exactly why did you blame yourself for his death? It seems to me there is no reason for you to blame yourself unless there is something." Joseph asked, getting techical with details.

Yume exclaimed at how rude Joseph was being. "How can you ask that? She was traumatized by the news. She need to blame someone for his death."

He rolled his eyes, "Then why herself? She obviously said something to him to make him worry and want to rush over here. So Tsuki, exactly what aren't you telling us?"

Tsuki glanced away, not willing to tell Joseph anything. "Nothing, just nothing. I don't really want to talk about it." She tried to leave but he grabbed her hand. His stare scared her.

"Tell us. Swallow your pride, there's nothing worse that could happen." He hissed.

She yanked out of his loose grip and disappeared among the crowd of students, seeking out someone else she trusted to seclude herself from the world.

Back with Joseph, Yume slapped his arm hard. He gasped out in pain, clutching the area where she had slapped him. "Damn. Yume, why'd you have to hit me so hard?"

"You don't go asking her for things she doesn't want to explain. It's how she is. She'll tell you when she wants to. It has nothing to do with pride or anything like that. Tsuki is just buried a lot of things in her heart that she doesn't want people to know," she replied sighing.

Tsuki found Danny and dragged him into the abandoned shower room. He looked at her bewildered. Just as he was about to ask something, he saw the pained expression she had the night before. Leaning against the door, crossing his arms across his chest looking bored.

"What now? What do you expect me to do? Classes are about to start. Hurry up and tell me or I'm leaving." He sighed softly.

As he started to walk out the door, she held onto his arm. "I want to say something, but please don't do anything irrational. Don't tell anyone. This is the reason why my brother was rushing to come here to my side and why it's my fault that he died."

Danny turned to her and held her for a brief moment. "I'm not your puppy like the rest of them. Whatever you want to say, say it. I don't care. I'll be there if you need someone, but I can't stay here forever on your behalf. I have my own life."

She sighed, not really sure if she had to courage to tell him what needed to excape her. "Danny…" she thought for another moment and decided she shouldn't tell him. "Danny, would you come to the funeral with me?"

He nodded, "You know something Tsuki, you should really tell someone about Seph. I know he abuses you, I've been watching. No, I'm not a stalker. Your brother asked me to watch over you before he left for college. Back then I was his online friend. Someone no one knew about. It's the same for Joseph. Joseph just has a different way of watching over you."

She held back her breath. Was it true, her brother asked someone to watch over her in his absence? It was unbelievable.

"Oh yeah. Tsuki, after the funeral I hope you'll stop being a slut to respect your brother's final wishes. It gets you in danger in more than one way," he said before leaving her alone in the room.

On the day of the funeral, everyone who Tsuki invited who was also dear to her came. She was dressed formally and completely in tears again. This time because she knew that it didn't matter who killed her brother. What was done was done and she had to keep living. After her mom finished her little speech, Tsuki got to the podium. Taking a deep breath she started to talk.

Alex was the best brother I could ask for. Even though we were only half-siblings we cared for each other like any other. It only feels like a week since I was a little girl and I would cling onto him. It feels like only two days ago that he held me in his lap as we played computer games and being the unseperateable pair running through the neighborhood . After that he was off to college, where I changed dramatically. He played a big role in my life, guiding me through the little things. At the same time setting high standards to meet at school which I failed to reach everytime, but he always pushed me on. In reality that time was years and years. Only two weeks ago, I started to email him to catch up on things since he last came home from college. He had a girlfriend that I never met, who is hopefully here. He had a great job doing what he loved. The love that was between us could never be described. We were each other's other half. Now that he is gone from us, I realize that I've been a spoiled brat. I never really grew up since I last saw him. The person that shaped my life more than the teachers, more than my mom, more than anybody in my life. He is my irreplacable brother.

She bowed gracefully and stepped away back into her seat where her friends sat. They patted her on the back. A long sigh escaped her, still remembering her brother. His body in the casket waiting to be buried.

Long after his body was buried, Tsuki stayed there in her funeral clothes looking at his grave stone.

"Brother, I'm sorry for worrying you. I'm sorry for causing you to rush here and get into that car accident. It's funny though, I know you'd be saying it's not my fault and telling me it's nothing to worry about. We are siblings afterall. Alex, forgive me. There was still things about life that I don't understand. I'm still the child that you left behind, but that kindness you left behind on me. I can't forget it. No matter what I do, I can't find someone to replace the kindness you always gave me. This is way I became this poor figure of a slut. I was looking for a feeling that could fill the abyss in my heart. With you gone, I know it was the wrong path. It only made you worry because I became friends with the wrong people," She confessed to her dead brother's grave.

As it started to rain, Tsuki took off her watch and placed it on the grave. The heavenly feather facing up. "It suits you. This side of the watch. I don't care if it's good luck or bad luck. I don't need it anymore."

Outside the graveyard, Danny pulled up in his car. "Get in, I'll drive you home. Your mom told me it's my job now." They both laughed for a moment, then it feel silent as the rain slowly fell on their way home.

He dropped her off. Unexpectedly she gave him a kiss, whispering her thanks in his ear. He blushed as he drove off.

She stepped inside her quiet dark house and walked into her brother's room. Turning on the lights, she felt everything fade away. Changing her clothes into her brother's remaining garments, she plopped on the bed saying a bit of thanks of the memories that still remained.

With a yawn she walked though the adjoined bathroom between her room and his room. The moment she stepped into her room someone grabbed her from behind and forced her on the bed. He straddled her hips and gagged her as he tied her hands to the bed posts. She looked at her attacker in terror. It was Seph, he was the only person that didn't go to the funeral.

"What are you doing?" she demanded to know though her gag.
"I'm giving what a slut wants. I'm going to give you the ride of your life." He replied menacingly.His hands squeezed her breasts too hard for her liking. They torn away at her clothes, his mouth ravenously biting at her flesh. His touch burning against her body, the pain consuming her as she sobbed out in protest.

The greedy tongue running down her body, kissing every spot he knew would send jolts of unwanted pleasure down her body. "You like that bitch don't you? Just won't confess it, I bet," he hissed into her ear. "Let's spice things up with a little blood." Seph drew out the blade from his back pocket. With it he carved a path down her body, licking up the droplets of blood that oozed from the wound.

She sunk her body deeper into the bed trying to escape the sharp edge or at least lessen the pain as she was sliced. Now she regretted so many things, wishing that she never dressed the way she did in school, that she acted the way she did before.

"Let's see what we have down there." She heard him say. His hands pulled away her pants.

Danny returned to Tsuki's house, noticing that she left her coat in his car. After he drove into the driveway, he rang the doorbell. Noting that no one came to the door, he stepped through the unlocked door. Leaving the coat in the kitchen he felt something wasn't right. It was too quiet for all the lights to be on. Nobody would leave the lights all night while they slept, well most normal people. He was pretty sure that Tsuki's mom wouldn't allow it.

Slowly he crept up the stairs, sensing that it wasn't right. He heard the rocking of a bed, and muffled screams. Pulling out his cellphone, he called the police department reporting a rape. It was a good thing that he worked there often as the paperwork boy. Not exactly the most enjoyable job, but at least the people knew him enough and taught him a very tricks.

Cautiously he stepped outside the door. The noise was much louder, and he could hear the soft whimpers and cries from a voice he knew was Tsuki's. He turned back remembering from his last visit to her house that the bathroom was connected to her room and her brother's room. Softly he slipped into the dark bathroom. Sitting on the floor he confirmed that it was Tsuki. By chance she spotted him through her tears. Snaking his way behind her attacker, he knocked him out with a single punch.

Caught off guard, Seph's whole world of sinful pleasure disappeared into a black void. Danny tossed Seph onto the ground. Laid before him now was Tsuki's sobbing bloody body. A long curved crimson line snaked from her collarbone under her covered breasts down to the corner of her hips. As his eyes looked her down, he saw her womanhood bleeding. She closed her legs that were forced open moments ago as a late reaction. Snapped back into reality, Danny untied her arms. She flung herself into his arms sobbing out in fear and trauma. As she was ungagged, the desperateness for air subsided. All she could do was sob. He found a blanket and covered her body. Soon red and blue lights shone outside the house. Leaving her side to open the door for the police, he felt her hand clinging on him.Walking down the stairs, she followed him like a vunerable kitten. Danny told the police the rapist was upstairs in the last room on the right and they quickly rushed upstairs to apprehend Seph. One officer stayed behind to question them both. The officer happened to be acquainted with Danny.

"So what happened? How come you're at the scene of the crime?" The police officer asked.

"I'm a friend of the victim. I had dropped her off after her brother's funeral. As I was driving home I saw that she left her coat in my car so I came back to drop it off," Danny replied.

Tsuki nodded with her dazed expression. Moments later she said something as the officer was still talking to Danny. "He was my boyfriend, my abusive boyfriend. His name is Seph, he said he raped Elizabeth. Kill him. I don't want his sick ass out in the streets again."

The officer nodded and advised Danny to bring her to station after she got some rest from the tragedy. Also they said they found her mother bound and gagged in a closet. Her mom walked down the steps and told Danny to stay since Tsuki didn't seem like she was going to let go anytime soon.

At her brother's grave, the watch started to crack then shattered into billions of pieces. Those shards sinking deep into the earth to be forgotten forever.

Months later, the event was cleared up. Whatever happened to Seph was never revealed to Tsuki though she still insisted that he should die. Tsuki went out to buy new clothes honoring her promise to her dead brother. Her fanboys slowly disappeared with her new appearance, not that it was unexpected or anything. She still carried herself proudly through the school and it was never a boring day arguing with Joseph. Turned out that while Tsuki was going though her troubles that Joseph and Yume hooked up. Danny asked Tsuki out and they've been a couple ever since. It was a change from getting abused by Seph, but a good one. A lot had changed after the whole ordeal. She kind of thanked the watch for bring in all the chaos into her life to realize who she really was; then again she believed that she was responsible for all that happened in her life.

Now she worked out her problems instead of leaving them behind to grow back into chaos.