Chapter 2:

The next day Tsuki walked through the school halls. Her heels clicking against the tile again. Her cute dark blue top hugged her breasts and emphasised her tiny waist while a pair of low-rise jeans covered her down. This time a silver chain dangled around her neck holding her new pocket watch over her heart. The skull side facing out to the world so it could bring her "good luck".

As usual the boys stared at her. Some of them taking her hand and adoring her natural beauty. The girls glaring at her filled with malice as she stole their boyfriends. She just shrugged at them, not caring what happened around her. It wasn't her fault that they came to her and abandoned their girlfriends.

There was only one other girl in that school that could steal as many boyfriends as Tsuki could without even trying. She was the school slut, Elizabeth. Elizabeth was the only person that could rival Tsuki's beauty and abilities, but there were vast differences between the two girls. Elizabeth was more flirtatious and idiotic where as Tsuki was smarter and was much more reserved. Tsuki also didn't treat her admirers like slaves as Elizabeth did, but Tsuki envied Elizabeth for all the good-looking boys she could get and the boyfriend she had.

Oh how she wished she had a boyfriend. One that was charming and matched up to her expectations, but that was merely a dream right? As she left her admiring group, composed of all guys, to go to class, they groaned softly disappointed. She blew kisses to them all as she entered the art room. Within moments she bumped into a boy who spilled ink all over her, staining her pale skin and jeans.

"Fuck, who the hell do you think you are?! Spilling ink all over my beautiful skin and favorite jeans!" She demanded to know. The red-haired boy looked up coldly at her.

"I'm sorry, but you weren't exactly looking where you were going," He replied sarcastically, then tried to wipe off as much as ink as possible before Tsuki pushed him away. Fixing his glasses a little as he stood afar, he saw that he was standing before an extremely pissed off Tsuki.

"Why don't you just bug off?" she snapped.

'What a dork. Why do I have such bad luck?' she thought, then she looked down at her watch. The feathered side showed before her. 'No wonder, I had the bad luck side showing.' Quickly she flipped the watch over. 'But I thought I had the watch on this way before. It doesn't matter now does it?'

A strange oppressive aura filled the room for a brief moment. The moment the aura left an extremely cute guy entered the room. His long blond hair tied back in a little ponytail, a black trenchcoat covered his body while his dark jeans finished off the ideal prince in Tsuki's mind. His face held a bewildered expression on it, but quickly concealed his confusion. Chestnut brown eyes locked upon Tsuki the moment they saw her. He crossed the room and magically produced a daisy to her.

"Do you think I could have the pleasure to have get to know a beautiful princess such as yourself?" he asked smoothly.

Tsuki smiled shyly as she took the flower. "Are you in this class?"

"No, but I'm in the photos class right across the hall," he replied.

She nodded, "Sure. You are?"

"My name is Seph."

The other boy just rolled his eyes and left them to continue with his art. "Crazy people," he muttered to himself, "He's too good to be true."

Suddenly the teacher came out of his office and lumbered to the front table.

"Joseph, would you tell that student to hurry and go to his class? The bell is about to ring." The teacher said.

The guy that Tsuki just thought was a dork got out of his seat and looked at them. "Do you mind taking your romance else where? We're trying to work in here."

Seph gave Tsuki a quick kiss and left the room.

She turned to Joseph, "Now look what you did, you chased away my potential boyfriend."

"Well, sorry," he replied sarcastically and returned to work. "You should stop worrying about appearances and just work hard at what you have."

Tsuki just scoffed at him and sat down to work on her art project.

For the rest of the day Tsuki never saw Seph and cursed Joseph for her misfortune. She told Yume at lunch what had happened before her art class.

"Seph? One of the most untouchable guys wants to get to know you? That's one thing that Elizabeth can never catch. Tsuki, that's great news! Even Joseph said something to you." Yume asked, her eyes filled with shock.

"Yeah, the bastard. He ended the romance between Seph and I. Wait, what?! Why would the fact that Joseph said something be important? Don't tell me that dork is somewhat popular."

Her friend nodded. "It might not be as much as it could be, but there's rumors about him. Everyone says that he's mostly likely to be the next Bill Gates." Yume replied. "Though he looks like a complete nerd, he's got pretty good looks under those glasses. If anything, I'd love to get married to him. He's also a pretty sweet guy after you get to know him."

Tsuki shook her head in disappointment. "EARTH TO YUME! Are you serious?! What are you, in love with him?! I thought you would fall for someone better than that idiot," She finally commented.

She sighed, "I'm not sure. I've talked to him a few times in class and he's cool."

'Fuck that bastard. First he ruins my moment with Seph and now stealing my friend from me. I wish he would just stop messing with my life.' Tsuki thought hatefully.

"Hey Yume, have you seen Elizabeth today? I want to tell her the news. You know shove it in her face," she asked suddenly.

Yume shook her head, "Didn't you know? Last night some girl got raped, that girl was Elizabeth. She got raped. The police found her sobbing chained up to a hotel bed. Her clothes were ripped all over and semen was all over her. It's just horrible even for a slut like Elizabeth. The thing is that it was only when her mother reported her missing that the police went looking for her. She's being interviewed by the police to find the rapist. Next to that, Elizabeth is now seeing a therapist because she wants to relieve herself from the shock. It completely slipped my mind till you brought it up."

She gasped at hearing the news. A pale boy walked up to their table pulling Joseph along. Tsuki infered that the boy was Joseph's friend.

"I'm sorry to interuppt your conversation. I'm Danny, Joseph's friend. Joseph has something to say, but he didn't want to come alone," he said.

Tsuki glared at Joseph, but didn't say anything. Joseph glared right back at her until his friend nudged him. Joseph stood there aloof.

Danny sighed in disappointment. "He was going to say he was sorry for spilling ink on Tsuki's jeans."

Tsuki turned her attention to him and thanked him briefly. In that moment, she took the time to notice that his black hair was tied back into a short ponytail. His warm brown eyes proved to her that he was sincere, unlike Joseph, whose blue-grey eyes seemed to be like stone unwilling to move.

Both of them were pale to a degree that they could have played video games most of their lives, but tan enough to say that they went outside to take a break when their PS2 or Xbox was broken; it was even possible that they might have a Wii.

"Is that all?" Tsuki asked exasperated.

"NO!" Joseph exclaimed. "A slut like yourself, Tsuki, should be careful walking home tonight. You might be the next victim of that rapist. Thank Elizabeth that she took the first blow and warned the rest of the whores here at school."

"Excuse me? Me, a slut," She scoffed. "Joseph, I don't know where you've been but I'm not a slut. I'm just popular with the guys. That's all."

Yume fake coughed to the side. "Liar."

Tsuki glared at her. "What do you mean liar?"

Her friend looked at her innocently. "Huh? I said something?" She looked up to Danny. "Danny, did I say something?"

"Nope. You were just coughing."

"See Tsuki? Maybe you're just being delusional,"

"Ha ha, very funny," Tsuki said cynically then rolled her eyes to Joseph. "Your point?"

He adjusted his glasses briefly and sighed. "I'm walking Yume and you home everyday from now on. My mom set it up with Yume's mom. They happened to be friends from some club they're in. It's not like I had a choice."

She stared at him for a few moments as if she was asking him if he was serious.

He sighed again. "I know I just met you today, but you have to believe me. I don't want to do this. It's my mom and Yume's mom, and your mom might part of their whole secret friendship. "

"Ha, so now we're in kindergarten where we have to have the buddy system," she mocked. "Great, just great."

Joseph just shrugged and left without even saying bye. Danny, on the other hand, said a brief goodbye and followed his friend.

Tsuki groaned inside herself. Things just went from bad to worse, no wait, horrible. Now that idiotic jerk face had to walk home with them. He could be the rapist for all she knew. She leaned back in frustration.

"Come on Tsuki. It's not that bad. At least my mom was thinking about our safety," Yume reassured.

"Yeah, and you called me a liar and a slut."

"No, I didn't. I'm just saying what I know is the truth. You are not the person that would have made your brother proud."

"Half-brother," she corrected.

Yume stabbed her lunchtray with a fork. "IT DOESN'T MATTER! You are not the same person that first became friends with. Not even I'm proud of you," she said firmly as she stood up and left the lunchroom.

Tsuki groaned loudly. "My day just keeps getting better and better. I wish it would only stop. It's too much excitement."

Again the bell rang, this time the dismissal bell. Tsuki strolled out of her class as her usual admirers came and carried her books. These admirers were usually boys that were superficial and would do anything for a hot girlfriend or abandoned their girlfriends for something only Tsuki could provide them. As they carried her books, some of them were given kisses and promises of pleasure on a later date.

"Tsuki, won't you reward us more for our dedication? We've done more than enough for you. Why don't you just become my girlfriend?" One of them groaned.

She shook her finger at him. "No, I have a boyfriend now. His name is Seph. Of course if you have an issue with that you could go talk to him about it." Just then Seph appeared around the corner. "Oh there he is boys. Sorry I have to go home now. I love you all." She said flirty as she ran to him.

"Hi! I've missed you my prince," she chimed, kissing his cheek. He wrapped his arms around her possessively.

"I've missed you too, but you should stop playing with those puppies. You have me now afterall." Seph replied as he took her to a deserted area. "And you're mine."

He kissed her passionately and bit her neck to mark her. Tsuki was so surprised she didn't know what to do. No one was ever this forward with her and found herself disliking the situation. She tried to push him away. Seph noticed her struggle and pinned his hard body against hers. "You're mine now. I get to do whatever I want and if you don't I'll just get to beat your pretty face up. Also I'll start a few nasty rumors around the school to ruin your oh so important social status…… Oh what was that status? Social boyfriend stealing slut, yeah that's it."

Tsuki struggled more against him. "Get off me. I'm not even your's yet. If I didn't have my pretty face, people would suspect you anyway. So just do your worse."

Suddenly someone in the halls, most likely Yume, started calling her name.

Seph let go of her and composed himself. "You know I was joking about all that. I just am a bit possesive." He smiled sweetly at her as if nothing ever happened. Then he left back into the main halls, leaving her there all alone.

Tsuki placed her hands over her fearful pounding heart. She fiddled with her watch trying to calm her nerves from the experience. 'Is that guy bipolar?' she wondered.

From the main halls, she could hear Yume calling for her to hurry up. Running out of the hall, she met her to walk home.

A ghostly figure of a woman stood there where Tsuki once stood. Her dark hair seemed to wave in the windless hall as a hand reached out to where Tsuki had ran to. "Don't stay with him," she whispered. Her voice so soft that is was no more than an echo. As her image faded, Danny appeared from the shadows of the hall. "Tsuki? Wait, who are you?" he asked, but the woman disappeared to quickly to reply.