Moonless Night

Moonless night…
Whispering wind…
Can't you hear it?
Can't you feel it?
The timeless loneiness.

Gave it all away.
Just to have somewhere to go to.
Every drop of blood.
Every drop of happiness.
Just to have someone to come home to.

Yet not feeling the joy of what's in hand.
Wasting everything.
Wearing away this endless life.
Timeless light.

This selfless gift.
Gave it all away…
Just for the love that wasn't right.

Repeating over and over…
Watching these mistakes.
This loneiness…
Locked away…

No future…
No past…
Just walking though a timeless dream.
For this forbidden wish.

Gave it all away…
Just to somewhere to go to…
To have someone to come home to.
Yet unsaved from loneiness.

You let me down,
I still hope for you.
To save me.

You let me die,
You still grieve for me.

I let you down,
You still loved me,
To be your angel.

I was too weak,
I am still alive.

Within your memory.
If I didn't miss your touch,
If I didn't miss your voice,
I'd never have known I'd love you.

If I never known…
I'd wouldn't have thrown my life for yours.
Being there to wish you luck.
Dreaming unending in death.

Timeless sorrow,
Frozen tears,
Crystal winter.
Forbidden love.
This black rose within our hands.
Bloodless emotions.
Still holding onto nothing.