Sometimes it hurts

And you can't stop that with words

Whispered into silence that dreads their

Arrival. I make these words mine, mistress

Torture to the ear, I'll hear you

Scream before I'm done. I'm done.

You brought tears shrieking dew drop

Fresh beat back the horror but smile because

It's nothing. Just teenage desire in its most wilful

Bloody form. Fresh to the mind makes it

Scarred to the heart. Isn't that what you said as

You let the door shut you for a change? Maybe irony

Has a point. Alice would have made more sense of this

Wonderland than you ever could. She clicked her heels

At me the other day and laughed as I told her I was

Lost. 'Lost is little more than a craze, wait for the next

Hit and move on.' Was all she answered and in

A blur hurried home behind her smile. Bleached Blank,

Hollywood bare as they'd say.

'I don't think I fit in your world.'