You made me love

A something that (never) really was there

In between dark haired midnight kisses, I lost

My cool but nothing else. You made sure of that.

Is this anger towards you for what you denied

Me or simply for whom you took away? I think

I loved her more than you and even if I didn't it sounds

So much more delicious, mocha latte rich

Melting on my tongue like you once did

In the dead beat hot passion, cuddled up nights

Of innocence. I just don't understand

Where we left the basic emotions at the door

And when I changed to hating you more as you

Hurt me each day. I'm too quiet maybe but you

Were a bastard, ahem sorry boyfriend. Interchangeable as

We were from each other. Remember how they ran our names into

One word because they fitted like us side by

Side by side. We were beautiful(ly rotten)

When it all began in 15 year old sunshine innocence

That tumbled in the wind but we held solid.

You didn't trust me and I sobbed in your arms

That betrayed me to laughter as the moon set,

How I laughed! Still laugh writing bad poetry

With your tainted stamp but it doesn't matter

As I engrave in the lines your worst.

The letter X is such a bitch.