Therapy baby!

Lets call it a wrap and blame them

Parents teachers friends, who gives

A fuck it's all the same? They made you bleed she tells me

But they didn't, I managed that all by myself.

Clever little bitch that I am, I took the gold star

You gave me as a reward and used its points to

Score a hole in my heart to fit my ingratitude so smoothly

That it hurt, lack of lubrication you see.

Science was always my forte they thought but that

Was only because words are my outlet for pain

Not sense. Makes no sense to hurt

What you love you see, makes no sense.

In my dreams I met an old woman

Who took the star out of my hands to slice my throat

In the most beautiful way I could wish for.

So tell me therapist what does that mean for that image

To be my favourite dream? Now you're sickened aren't you?

Sad little rich kid too privileged to care

And too self obsessed with her dark little world even though

She can see the beauty in a concrete street, so much

It would make her cry if she didn't

Cry red already in a shade richer than life.

So tell me therapist,

What does this mean?