Rage, a dark fury growing bit by bit.

Exploding in to miniscule pieces,

Enveloping your every sense,

Screaming madness eating away at your heart.

Rage, a blistering blaze burning at your soul.

Tearing you in half, breaking you in half,

Burning up the memories, smothering the good,

Unbearable heat suffocating you into Insanity.

Rage, a bloodthirsty river over bounding its bay.

Drowning the weak protests, overwhelming you,

Tumbling you into rocks cliffs and caves,

Thrashing you towards your own private hell.

Rage, an unexpected murdering storm.

Deafening, hair rising sounds of hell.

Sinking bodies by raining fire.

Burning electrifying unexplainable chaos.

Rage, the feeling of screaming jealousy,

When you see your lover holds another's hand,

When your parents refuse to understand,

When life won't go the way you planned.

Rage, the pain when your heart is breaking,

When you watch a loved one die,

When life goes pointlessly by,

When you don't see the point of going on.

Rage, the life I live each day.