Blood stains all over the floor

Blood stains all over the floor

Manic panic seething through my bones

As I gaze at the blood stains all over the floor

Manic panic seething as I run for the door

Run for the door

As I skid over the floor

Crying; like waves lapping the shore

Trying to escape the gore


Of the blood stains all over the floor

Call 911

It's too late to save her

I called 911 anyway

Even though it was too late to save her

She was bound to do it sooner or later

Wished I could save her

She killed herself, so I hate her

I hate her

I hate her

Rot away in hell for this

You gave up on life

You gave up and slit your wrists

Slit your wrists with a kitchen knife

You're pathetic

I hate you

I called the medics

To take you

You're fucking selfish

You know that?

I know your life was hellish

But so what?

We all have our nightmares

We all have confiscated dreams

We all lie

We all cheat

We all die

But not in defeat

You wasted away

Only saw black in each day

You always said everyone hated you anyway

I can confess to that today



Your story was a sad tale

Laced with hurt and betrayal

Laced with backstabbers and bitches

But you couldn't forgive this

Life is no fairytale kid,

Shit happens when you don't expect it

Crap comes flying your way

Best to do is make the best of each day

We all die in the end

No; I can't see the point in living either

But I'd rather go on living

Than die, or do neither

Life is a bitch –

You're the moth and it's the spider

The void keeps opening



The hand of darkness keeps beckoning



Just push a little longer

Push a little longer

But you didn't

You gave up so soon

You didn't win it

You gave in to doom

So now you're dead

Kind of a relief

No more living in dread;

Not wanting to believe;

That you'd do what you did

Well, you did anyway

So whatever

At least I'll be trying to see the sun today