la-de-dum... this was one of the theames at my camp, Camp Winniaguawmuack, and right now, i got to thinking, how would this fit in a poem... so this is what came out, i hope you like it.

Masterpiece in Progress

'For Christens out there, this one is for you'

God made each and every one of us different,

I still don't see how he manages,

We all look different,

Even the twins you see in the halls or streets,

Because we are all a masterpiece.

We will never be completed,

Once we pass on,

Our broken body will lose its hold

Upon our soul,

And we shall rise up.

Be free to live with our Lord.

As a masterpiece in progress,

We all have flaws,

But just remember,

These flaws make us unique,

Its just sad we will never be complete.

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