They say what I don't know wont hurt me
But pain and darkness is all I see
They say ignorance is bliss
But the truth and knowledge is what I miss

They say you will learn in time
But how much higher must I climb
They say good things come to those who wait
But waiting cannot be my fate

I cannot sit by and watch the world go by
I want to move with you, I want to fly
But every time I leave this place
All I find is empty space

You say you I will never be alone
But being alone is all I've known
I sit here staring up at you
Wishing what you say was true

But I know this is where I belong
Down here I can be strong
I can catch you when you fall
Making sure you stand tall

Down here I know my place
Down here is my own space
Down here I am at home
Down here I am alone

But just for once, I wish to be
Let to fly so I can see
What its like to be free
So you can see the real me

But until that day
Down here I shall stay
I will wait my turn
Down here I shall learn

How to control my fear and hate
But how much longer must I wait
They say what I don't know wont hurt me
But all I want to be is free

So I can see this world for what it is
To see what all my life I've missed
To see if it was worth the wait
To see if this truly is my fate