The Rose

A rose lies on her front porch

When she climbs the stairs to her home

The note says "rely on me when you are sad

Rely on me when you're alone

Rely on me when everyone is gone

And your heart is cold

Rely on me in your last nights

Rely on me when you grow old"

She picked up the rose

And placed it in a vase

One worthy of its beauty

And its undying grace

She read the note again

The end was signed with love

Love Forever, Me

And like at Christmas you are the Dove

She sighed to herself

And wondered who sent it

She saw a number at the bottom

And called it

The number led to no one

As the phone rang on and on

While she was calling the radio was on

And on came her favorite song

The deejay pronounced her name

Loud and clear

The request came from someone

Who held her dear

All across town

Girls found the very same rose

And wondered who could have sent it

Who knows?

Who knows the pain?

And hurt inside

And know

Love is what they wanted their entire lives

And turning on the radio

Their favorite song

So they sat there

And sang along

They called the number

But it rang on and on

So they kept the memory

Of what they found on the lawn

Another note had appeared

The message was almost the same

The note held all love

And kept no name

"Rely on me in the hurt

Rely on me in the pain

Rely on me in the bitter cold

Rely on me in the pouring rain

Rely on love

Rely on family

Rely on friends

They're better than money

Don't rely on dreams

But don't crush them

Rely on a rose

Rely on a stem

Your life is worth living

Don't give up

Don't listen to what others say

And always open up

Remember this note

For the rest of your life

Pick up this message

Instead of that knife

Pass this on to your family

Pass this on to all your friends

Make it into a chain

That will never end"

So the note was passed

Through out the school

And people learned more about each other

The note was the tool

Lives were saved with a simple message

The end was signed with love

Love forever, me

And like at Christmas you are the Dove