Rain pouring down the walls,

Into the middle,

Out to the sides,

I watch as girls count,

I see them grow inwards,

The rain comes heavier,

Doesn't anyone notice?

Can't You see?

What its you to do,

With your girls,

And their skin,

The hatred they create,

It will break a generation,

We will lose the battle,

We can not win,

Against a mans fight,

Against a society of men,

Who all want the same,

We cannot give,

You cannot see,

You will kill us,

They will be none left,

Be content with our flaws,

We are with yours,

The pain you cause,

The scars inside and out,

The food lost,

The food wasted,

Will not be eaten,

Its all because of you,

And what you expect,

We are human,

Can we not live?

Can we not eat?

Stop it now,

Before it's to late,

Bethany waits for her china diet,

Joanna watches the scales preying,

Amanda sits and waits for blades,

Every girl waits for acceptance,

Which none will receive,

Until you learn,

That we will never give in,

Until you do,

For we are the ones,

You push us to try,

To be something unattainable,