Friends of Lies

One thing must be said for all of you.

Can you hear my screams from that night?

Do they haunt your dreams?

Stop you from trusting,

Make you cry still after all this time?

Understanding friends and family, you understand.

You understand how it felt when he pushed my down on the ground,

You remember how it felt to have him touch you,

Remember the tears and the pain,

How he smelt,

Happy faces of those I love and trust you remember the pain.

You remember the blood,

The pain that lasted forever,

The mud beneath your back,

You remember the utter pain mixed with numbness,

Sympathetic acquaintances you can remember his eyes looking at your body.

You can feel them on your skin as he rips the clothes from your body,

His hands on your pale shell touching your pain,

You can feel his breath on your neck,

His strenuous breathes filling your ears.

Darlings you remember the fight to keep your innocence.

You can see yourself fighting for your dignity,

See yourself getting tired from the struggle of his strength,

Hate yourself for getting so exhausted,

Push yourself to hurt him you remember it all,

Sweet people of my heart you know the feeling of him.

You can still feel him pushing inside of you,

Feel the ripping within,

You remember your pleas for death,

Remember your sobs as he took your virginity,

You tell me you understand and push it aside,

But I remember every second of it, every painful moment,

You can forget it,

I cant,

Don't tell me you understand because you never ever will.