Are you mute my dear my little love,

The ribbon in you hair white as a dove,

Speakers around you drown you out,

Lonely nights filled with utmost doubt,

Your jet-black hair soft and silky,

Hide your face skin so white and milky,

Bright green eyes with specks of yellow,

Vivid red lips never speak 'hello',

Your raise your eyes to met your fathers,

His hand raised high obey his orders,

You cower bellow him and run and hide,

But its to late now he'll come and find,

Terror inside you makes you run,

Its to late now he's reached for the gun,

Your so small girl so little to,

Twice the age of a little two,

Run little girl run away,

Hear his footsteps coming to play,

Your heart is racing bursting through your chest,

Trying to be quiet trying hard to do your best,

Where is mummy why wont she help,

She never argues no matter how you yelp,

Your own you on now and you must cope,

You still keep alive one glimmer of hope,

That the program will start the adverts will end,

Then he'll continue to wait until you mend,

You can hear he calling your name screaming for you,

You whimper quietly trying desperately to lose,

Your mind is telling you that you will not win,

Goose bumps appear on your young skin,

Silent prayers to a god, who's forgotten,

Pleading with yourself to not recall the nights so rotten,

Trying to forgive him not to hate,

But it's just so hard to excuse him for using you as bate,

Why wont mummy help me why doesn't she care,

She gave up long ago trying to deter,

She comes upstairs to say goodnight,

She never once mentions the very near fright,

She picks you up like a baby,

Puts you in bed even sings maybe,

And for tonight you are saved,

She doesn't punish you because you didn't behaved,

You say a silent prayer for her as she leaves,

For it will be her that he will grieve,

And as you drift off to sleep you hear it start,

It enters your dreams it becomes part.

Tomorrow is another day,

Maybe then you'll have to pay,

For it is never ending you see,

Just a poem to you and me.

Look around for those that need you,

Open yourself to their pain to,

Don't block it out what's really there,

Don't try and pretend you don't really care,

For you feel it to you feel their sadness,

And what you feel is called utter gladness,

For it isn't happening to you,

You don't hurt like they do,

Save yourself and hide behind a feather.