Well. I'm working on this multi-genre project for creative writing right now (focusing on the five stages of grief and their respective effects) ... this is one of several other genres/scenes/etc within the project. So far it's from a girl's point of view... and the guy who died, well, I still need to work on his character, I really don't know that much about him. (Haha, I am such a slacker. Anyway!)

Frankly, though, I liked this poem enough to post it, despite how it's a current assignment. :P At any rate, I hope you enjoy this!


Obituary reads:

black hair black eyes

5' 4'' maybe wealthy

maybe loved but

never married maybe

thought but never

dreamed and all they've written

upon this page, vague

statistics of a man so much more

but ink never mattered

all that much

to me.