The Masturbation Diaries

September 3, 2005

I think this is going to be an interesting month. All of my friends are
gone to their first month of college, leaving me with no one to hang out
with. My parent's are gone also. They have left for the Caribbean, spending
two weeks on a cruise and the other two in Cancun. So I guess I am all
alone for the whole month. At first I saw this as being a very boring and
lonely month, until I realized I have the whole house to myself. I could do
anything I wanted and would never have to worry about getting caught.
I took advantage of that fact this afternoon. As I was sitting on the
couch, the thought of sex entered my mind. Without the worry of anyone
seeing me, I began to slowly rub my crotch.
I have just graduated from high school, but I am still a virgin. This is
not something I brag about. And now my friends are all off to college
getting laid (probably), and I'm stuck at home, not knowing what its like to
actually have sex. Therefore, I take some comfort in my masturbation. At
least I have that.
As I rubbed my hand over my pants, feeling the bulge growing harder underneath, I thought about, what else, naked girls. I have seen girls naked before, most of the time by accident. Girls from school mostly. Amy Baker stripped at a party once after she drank way too much. I caught a glimpse of Michelle Wessen when she was skinny-dipping last summer. And I had accidentally walked in on Tom's girlfriend Kate when she was changing.
I thought about these girls, about how great their tits looked, how amazing their figures were shaped. I wished I could have fucked any one of them.
My dick was now rock hard, restricted underneath my pants. I undid my belt, opened my fly, pulled down my boxers, and let it free.
My dick is big, but not enormous. Probably average. It is six inches exactly (and yes, I have measured it before). I was so hard now that it stood straight out forward. I gripped it tight with my thumb and my first two fingers. I ran them down my shaft, slowly massaging my now bulging penis. It felt so good and I immediately wanted it to feel even better. I squeezed harder and rubbed a little bit faster, still not too fast. I thought about how badly I wanted to fuck one of those girls. Any girl really.
The desire to stroke harder was getting strong. I imagined myself sucking on Kate's tits while Amy sucked my dick. I pictured this in my mind as though it was really happening. The excitement grew in me and I started breathing heavily.
I watched my thumb and two fingers slide up and down my dick and I started to feel hot. I let go of my hard cock for a moment as I stripped off my shirt and took my pants and boxers completely off. I made myself more comfortable by lying out on the couch, totally naked. I rested my head up on a pillow at the arm of the couch so I could still watch myself work.
I now wrapped my forefinger and thumb around my dick just underneath the head of my penis, forming a ring with them. Using this ring, I stroked my long shaft. I increased the speed as I went until I went almost full out, almost as fast as my hand could go.
The sensation felt so good. I laid my head back, panting heavily now. I could feel a tingling feeling growing below. I imagined a hot girl sucking on my hard stick. It didn't even matter which girl anymore. I imagined myself pushing my dick inside a wet pussy, wondering what it would feel like.
At this point I couldn't stand it anymore. I wanted to cum then and there. I gripped my whole fist around my cock and stroked hard. My right arm moved quickly, up and down, up and down, so fast that I couldn't even count the strokes.
All sorts of images ran through my mind: hot, naked girls soaking wet, two girls making out, girls riding my dick, and then me fucking them from behind. All the while jacking off as hard as I could.
I could feel the pleasure moving up from the base of my dick. My breathing was very loud at this point. I began rubbing my inner thigh with my left hand, helping the pressure build up, exciting myself more. It was going to happen soon, I could feel it.
The tingling sensation rose up my throbbing shaft. I watched the red, swollen head of my dick pulse with anticipation. I held my mouth open and my breathing paused. I felt a rush of pleasure bursting forth. I groaned as I came and tossed my head back. The cum shot out of my dick, making pearly-white beads down my bare chest. Four or five more shots pulsed out, pooling the cum on my flat stomach, dripping down the fingers wrapped around my satisfied cock.
I relaxed. It felt amazing. Jerking off almost always does. Yet it only took up about fifteen minutes of my day. I realize now that if I'm going to make the most of my house to myself all month, I'll have to work on some new tricks.