September 9, 2005

The Porn

All week I've been passing by the Adults Only store, and each time wanting to go in. But, honestly, I've just been chicken. This morning, however, I finally got the nerve. I just said the hell with it and went in. I couldn't help but think that the guy behind the counter was judging me the whole time.

I quickly moved away from the door and hid myself among the shelves. I was in, but now I needed to know what I wanted. There were all kinds of videos there, and magazines on the far rack. I went to the magazines first.

So many magazines, with of all kinds of stuff in them. Most of them looked like crap though. I reached for the Playboy special editions. One was called Voluptuous Vixens, full of big tits. Sounded good to me. The other was called Girls with Girls. Even better.

After I had decided on some magazines I decided that I might as well grab some videos. I mean, I was there already, wasn't I? So I grabbed a couple movies and quickly went to check out. I looked over at the far end of the store where the sex toys were sold. I may had had the courage to finally go in there, but I still didn't have enough to wander over to that part of the store, no matter how tempting it was, how much I wanted to. Another day perhaps.

I walked out of the store with my head down; hoping no one I knew would recognize me. I got back to the house and couldn't wait to break out the porn. I ripped open the plastic coverings around the playboys and sat down on my bed. There were so many hot girls in there, all with amazing tits. I was stunned by the artistry of the photos. Playboy certainly knew what they were doing.

I flipped through the book as I rubbed my crouch through my pants. Some f the girls were extremely hot, while others I didn't find as good and just passed them over quickly. When I reached a girl I really liked I would stay there for a while. There bodies just looked so perfect; their curves, their huge tits, their silky hair. Damn. I opened up my zipper and whipped out my dick. It was time to stroke.

I had just started whacking off when I had already finished my Vixens issue. It was now time to move on to Girls with Girls. Oh man, I love seeing those girls posing together like that. I have to admit, the pictures were nothing too extreme. Mostly just two girls posing together, feeling each other up. But that was good enough for now. Occasionally there would be a good kiss pic, but that was about it. Still, it had me pulling on my dick pretty damn hard.

I put the magazine down on the bed and sat beside it, flipping the pages with my left hand while jerking rapidly with my right one. I don't know what it is about lesbians that are such a turn on. Is it the fact that theirs double to hotness? Or that it's some sort of sexual fantasy guys can never really be a part of, making us desire it more?

I really didn't care right then, as long as it was getting me off. I had the pages open to a shoot of one blonde and one brunette stripping each other of their lingerie and felt it coming. My hand was getting sore, but I wasn't going to stop now. I shot cum all over the two girls, glistening white on the pages.

I went back upstairs, had lunch, watched TV, relaxed. But I just couldn't stop thinking about those lesbians. Damn. I still had the movies. But I had already jerked off. I was gonna leave the movies for another day.

Ah the hell with it, I finally said. Surely I could handle two times in a day. I grabbed the lesbian movie and threw it into the DVD player in the TV room. I mean, why not? No one else was around. I made sure the shades were down and stripped completely naked.

The movie started with two girls who were just sitting around on a couch talking about their sex lives. They were two smoking hot blondes, each wearing pink pajamas, who kept giggling and gently slapping each other. The action soon turned into a pillow fight which all seemed very feigned. But I didn't really care about that once the two of them started making out.

Oh, it was so delicious. I had no choice but to grab my dick in my hand as I watch those two sultry beauties softly kissing each other, moving their tongues all around each others mouths. It was so seductive, so fucking hot. They were both moaning "mmmmm, mmmm" as they enjoyed each other's hot, tasty lips. Then they began to undress one another, revealing their smooth, next-to-perfect bodies.

The one blonde moved her mouth to the other's tit, caressing with it and licking the nipple, then full on sucking it. Damn was it hot. I jerked harder and harder.

Soon enough they were both completely naked. One was eating the other out, and looked like she knew exactly what she was doing. Watching that girl with her mouth over the other's pussy while the other leaned back and moaned "oh yes! oh yes!" was almost too much for me too handle. I wanted to cum so badly, but I also wanted to hold off and keep watching. I softened my pumping hand a little and took in the sights.

Now the girls had moved to a 69 position, one on top of the other, both mouths on both pussies. They both let out loud, seductive moans as they both stuck their tongues up their cunts, and licked their clits. The moans became louder and louder. Even though they were muffled, you could tell both girls wanted to scream out loud. One girl finally took her head away and yelled "OH GOD!" She stuck her finger in the other's pussy in place of her tongue. The girl on top now did the same so that she could yell out also

I didn't even notice how fast and hard I was jerking, the action was so hot. The girls were now still in the 69 position, now fingering each other and screaming with delight. And just as the screams got more and more intense, and they fingered each other harder and harder, I felt the cum rising to my tip. Before I knew it I shot the cum out before me, landing all over my thighs, and the girls were both at their climax.

I leaned back and sighed, my dick still resting in my hand as I watched the girls wind down with some more make out action. I turned off the DVD and took it out. But now I saw the other video sitting on the coffee table beside the TV.

I wanted to watch that other movie now. Even though I had just jizzed and wound down, I was now quickly rising again. I felt dirty and wanted to keep feeling that way. I threw the new movie in.

This one began with a cheap set up about a lonely, hot girl and a pizza boy. But this all breezed by in no time and the hot brunette, wearing nothing but a silky bathrobe, pulled the pizza boy inside her house. She threw him down on the couch and slid off her bathrobe. The pizza boy stared for a moment then hurriedly took off his clothes. IN no time she was on top of him, sliding her pussy onto his dick. She began riding him. I pumped my cock hard as I watched her moan as she took control of the guy bouncing up and down on his dick. I imagined it was me that she was on top of, sliding herself up and down my shaft.

Then they switched positions and now the guy took over on top. He rammed his dick into her and began pumping hard. He moaned in ecstasy as he nailed her. Damn, watching that made me want to have sex really badly. I could feel the cum rising higher inside me, but I wanted to keep going, I wanted to keep watching. I suddenly stopped jerking, and just held the dick in my hand. I could feel myself cooling down again, and started jerking once more. This video was too hot to stop jerking for very long.

The guy was now fucking her hard, very hard. He was screaming with delight. I knew that I was going to cum soon, so I just let myself go, and beat my dick hard. I noticed it getting red and a little sore, having just jerked off a matter of minutes ago, but I didn't care. I wanted to again so badly.

And now the video was soon to come to and end, because the guy was pulling his dick out of her pussy. I was almost there. He quickly moved over to put his dick in front of her face as she was laying there. I was almost there. And now he shot his cum all over her face!

I exploded. The cum shot out, all over my stomach and thighs once more, adding to the cum that was already there. I leaned back and closed my eyes with a smile. Now that's what movie watching should be like.