Dancing With You

There is fire in your eyes

You smile as you draw me close

As you kiss me I laugh

And the dance continues

Your eyes hypnotize and bewitch me

I cannot seem to escape your spell

What is this magic you do to me ?

I meet your lips again, drinking them in

Their sweetness intoxicates me

The sound of the music fades

I can only hear our beating hearts

Keeping time with one another

Although we must part ways

And the dance must end

Your sweet cologne remains

You depart with a kiss

Your words of love stay in my mind

Someday I will dance with you

And we will dance everyday

Only now I'm left with sweet reverie

Lost in the wonder that is you

Waiting for the day to hold you close

Wiaint go be bathed in your kisses

And be swept away into true love

Thanking our lucky stars we can be united in the dance of life

Partners in everything we do.

February 28, 2006