"I love you."

Under the Circumstances, it was likely a very improper thing to blurt out. Especially since I wasn't quite sure who the object of my desire was. But it seemed like one of those things you admitted when faced with impending death, and I wasn't about to miss out.

The End.

No, no. That would be quite a miserable ending. And beginning, for that matter. In fact, that's a pretty miserable anything. I sincerely apologize and hope you'll forgive me. I love you, too, understand? But, seeing as how that neither here nor there, I'll get back to my newly realized love.

Yes, now where was I…yes.

I'll never forget the look in her eyes. One glance said all that she wanted to express, every feeling dwelling deep within her heart and soul. I was blown away by the raw emotion sparkling from beneath those depths.

You're crazy.

Ah, yes, that was it. I had nearly forgotten. It was not impending death staring me in the face, but ordering lunch. Given the selection, I would say the line between the two was fine enough that even a perfectly sane person could perhaps overlook it.

Ordering and taking the wrapped, boxed, and compacted food to an empty table, I proceeded to gulp down the meal. I also spared a moment to confirm my lack of sanity. I was actually almost enjoying the strange concoctions before me.

Throwing away the trash and sparing the green tray, I proceeded to walk out through the glass doors, a slight shuffle and jump to my step. Outside was cloudy and cool, but I tried not to notice as I danced to the peppy song running over and over again in my head. Snap, jump, shuffle, skip, spin, slide, and there was a person. I stopped and offered a low-bending bow to the offended man.

"Who do you think you are?" he scoffed, already prepared to continue on his way.

Leaping onto the nearby lamppost and leaning over the street while one arm held me anchored, I proudly proclaimed to the entire world my name, that powerful moniker that had followed in my steps all my life, "Robin Hood!"

He raised an eyebrow, and then continued on his way, tossing one last cut over his shoulder. "Steal from the rich and give to the poor? Right, bud."

Steal from the, wait, something wasn't quite- Oh, it was just age-old insanity creeping in again. I didn't steal from the rich. In fact, I believe I was fairly rich. Which obviously meant I was not, in fact, crazy. I was merely eccentric. No, you see, I was Michael Richard Aleman IV. Unless I'm mistaken again. Not like it truly matters. For, what is in a name? Would not that which-wait, I believe I have become confused yet again.

I spun once around the pole, slowly stepping the circumference of the lamp, and then leapt down, barely missing the small rat-dog trotting below me. His girthful mistress offered me a pleased, or perhaps incensed, look. Either she was hoping to put the rat-dog out of its poor half canine and rodent existence that must cause it bitter pain every day of its life, wishing it could simply be one or the other, yet always finding itself trapped somewhere in between, or she was slightly miffed that I nearly trod upon the tiny creature. I decided not to give it much thought and continued on my walk-dance. Strange looks followed me like a shadow and I reveled in each.

I dodged the raindrops beginning to fall, skipping in and out of their deadly path. Night fell with them and it seemed as if each drop left a trail of the darkness, slowly beginning to obscure the last rays of sun. It was quickly getting dark. The rain was beginning to fall more and more rapidly. Wandering my way home, I finallyhalted my impromptu dance and stopped in front of my temporary residence. I swiftly clambered up the grave marker shaped as a kindly looking angel and draped myself across the open book in its hand to watch the swiftly falling drops descend from a dusky sky. It was good to be insane. Sanity, who needed it? I smiled and laughed as the rain continued to pound. Yes, it was good to be insane.

Well, whatcha think? This is just a short I did for WD, a writing group with some friends. Technically, there is a 'sequel', but I'm not sure how this will be received. Or the squel, for that matter. But, here it is. As for Vendetta...well, I'll get a chapter up within the next two weeks. I have a youth rally all Saturday, so who knows when I'll get time. The good news? Research paper is almost over, so more free time! Okay, well, let me know what you think of Dear Michael. I love him.