Turn away from the land that holds you to it,

Turn away and face the sky at last,

Don't let love hold you back from your freedom.

All I ask is that you blow me a kiss.

When you reach the skies don't ever turn back,

Let not the temptation of love call you back.

Fly free to lands anew,

And blow me a kiss from wherever you may roam.

Wherever you are,

Just feel the wind blowing through your hair,

May it calm your loneliness and sorrow,

And remember my song.

Remember me on the cliffs by the sea,

When the sun sets the waters on fire,

Through the wind that fills the sails of the ships, bound to places anew,

There is where I will always sing for you.

And send you my song upon the wind.

Wherever you are,

Think of me and blow me a kiss.

I hear your voice from places afar,

Ringing so clear and close to my heart,

Across the many miles,

So close it whispers,

Yet from so far away.

I catch your kiss, flying home like a bird,

And I know you are thinking of me.

Somehow, someday, wherever you are,

There too I will be.

I'll find you somewhere out there,

Someday soon.

Until then,

Wherever you are,

When you reach a new pasture,

Think of me and blow me a kiss.

© Jerlayne.