Who wants a War?

The world is torn, it's gone insane

And we've all been brought to war again

But bombs don't fall, they take the train -

My heart's filled with dismay

That I should live to mourn and cry

While those around me fall and die

With no adequate explaination why

So many souls are torn away.

Will I learn err today is done

That the war is over, the battle won?

More likely it has just begun

Oh, how my heart is torn

That life's so callously tossed aside

Destroyed by greed and misplaced pride
So many lost - so many died

That won't see another dawn.

Perhaps I may yet be surprised

And hope's not lost, only disgused

A brighter sun is yet to rise

And shine its rays on me

Clouds may drift like soft white dreams

Across a sky by rain washed clean

And everywhere the war has been

May at last be free.

I may yet walk that road that wends

'Neath the sparkling rainbow's bend

Our children may see where it ends

And when they get their calling

They won't be asked to take up arms

For their world is free from harm

And they've no need for alarm;

There's no need for brawling.

Though their world has issues too

They've found a way to talk them through

And mend them without much ado

And keep their peacetime flowing...

But now we're riddled with despair

Courtesy of Bush and Blair

Disaster's rife upon the air

Animosity's growing.

Hitler, Stalin, what were they for

If not to warn against more war?

I, for one, can't take much more -

All the hurt, all the crying.

I can't watch, I won't stand by

And watch graves rise up against the sky

Or make more friends and watch them die

It's got to be worth trying.

Tell Blair and Bush to leave Iraq

Release our troops - we want them back

No one wants a world as black

As the one they've created.

So come on friends, we must all go

And join our voices to shout out NO!

We will not brawl, we've more to show;

We're more educated.

We know better, we're not blind,

We'll not put our fists before our minds

Better to leave war behind

And trust diplomacy

May every path that humans walk

Join together so we may talk

And find a way to make it work

And finally be free.